About Elly Green

Like the storytellers of old, Elly Green spins tales of lust and love that reimagine the ancient myths of the Greeks and Romans, weaving back into those old legends all the arousing and tragic eroticism that was originally present. Where bedtime stories and textbooks strip away the sizzling and orgasmic, Elly finds her soul’s purpose. Delve into her world and see the myths you once knew, brought back to sensual life.

Elly Green has graduate degrees in Classical Studies and Education from the University of Virginia. She is currently writing her special brand of mythology for the bedroom in secret, typing away during the dark and wanton night, without the knowledge of her husband and retired racing greyhound. When not writing, she loves to read about treasure-hunting adventurers and watch every sort of dinosaur documentary available.

Please contact her at peregrinam@gmail.com.

You can find her author profile and published works at Amazon and on GoodReads.