Friday, May 22, 2015

100 Word Erotic Shorts - The Mythology Edition

Here are five just to get you started... please feel free to add your own in the comments. Maybe this will go serial... :)

Typhon and Echidna

Her cries shook the very cavern of our mating. The stalactites shuddered with the strength of her coming. Her sheath quivered and tightened on my tentacle as I moved to withdraw. It glistened in the light of the dying sun.

Her nails dug into the flesh of my back, holding me close. “Not yet, Typhon. Please, not yet.” Her pleas were harsh with the rawness of her throat. It was a sound I loved. It meant I had satisfied her, truly and well mated my wife. No doubt, she would once again grow round with the child. The eyes of half my hundred dragon heads swiveled to settle on her stomach. She was so beautiful when pregnant.

Medusa and Poseidon

Wave after wave of passion coursed over me. His tongue flicked my sensitive bud, his fingers tightened on my nipple, tugging the peak until I gasped and arched into his mouth. He licked a trail down to my slit. Pressing his lips to my folds, he eased his tongue within and tasted my nectar. My body wept for him, because of him, and I coated his mouth and chin with my sweet juice.

Looking into the marble eyes of my goddess, I begged her forgiveness. He was not my choice, but my body was a slave to the sensations he created in me. My nerves ached for more of him, my core a hollow emptiness only he could fill.

Ariadne and Theseus

His kiss reached into my soul and ripped everything I had ever known out and tossed it into the wind. In my mind’s eye I watched the pieces of who I was drift out over the sea.

The pressure of his lips as they moved on mine, the brush and slide of them, igniting a delicious friction which coursed like lightening in my bloodstream. I moaned. I couldn’t help it. My fingers tangled in the long strands of his auburn hair and I tugged him closer to me, opening my mouth under his assault.

In that moment, as his tongue caressed mine, I gave up my family, my home, all of it for him.


The smooth slide of her marble breast was like satin under my touch. I caressed her perfectly carved bosom with all the desire and passion I had heretofore never experienced. Lowering my head, I ran my tongue around and around the peaked nipple. The sweet salt of the finely chiseled rock dug a heartbreaking groan from my chest. I closed my mouth over her cool stone and suckled there like a babe. I flicked her nipple and teased us both. The sensation a punishment and pleasure.

My cock swelled beneath my chiton, tenting the linen fabric. I lifted my hem and clamped my fist over my own hard steel. I stroked as I fed.

Anchises and Aphrodite

Her body danced above mine. Her breasts swayed, her hips lifted and rotated, her long, golden hair swinging with the rhythm of my thrusts. But it was her hands which held my gaze. As she rode my cock, she moved her pale, white arms and slender hands with the grace of a dancer. Fluid and smooth. I sighed.

As she came, squeezing her inner walls along my length and width, the scent of her filled my nostrils and I was awash in her essence with every breath. Briny like the ocean and fragrant as the blooms of the myrtle.

More erotic images than I had ever imagined overwhelmed me. All of them her. I erupted.