Friday, May 8, 2015

Dinosaur erotica works... will erotic romance?

After recently reading Eternal Pleasure and considering, in the deep recesses of my perverted mind, how exactly a dinosaur would make love to a human, I had a second and more terrifying thought...

What about dinosaurs making love to other dinosaurs... not sex, but love?

This scary thought then got me thinking about those gigantic and bizarre megafauna which came after the dinosaurs. (I love dinos, but somehow mammals seem far more romantic to me than reptiles and lizards.) What about them? Would the people who seem to love purchasing and reading dinosaur erotica find these prehistoric mammals just as exciting and erotic?

And then came the rest of the questions: What if it wasn't just a human and prehistoric mammal out in the world having random and very hot sex, but an actual romance and, dare I say it, true love? Even I had trouble with that concept. So, then, what about two prehistoric mammals meeting and falling in love? Uh, no. I have no idea how to write from the perspective of that... Ok, fine. What about a human who became a prehistoric mammal falling in love with another human who had also become the same prehistoric mammal? Better. At least this seems semi-doable, though I can't imagine how or why this would happen. Finally, this popped into my mind...

Would anyone find a prehistoric mammal erotic romance exciting or engaging if...

A woman, human, suddenly finds herself tossed back in time into the body of a prehistoric mammal, faced to survive this strange and new world with nothing more than some dwindling memories of her previous life and knowledge along to help her.

And what if, when she's at her most vulnerable, she meets another prehistoric mammal (of the same species) and with whom she is surprisingly able to communicate?

What if they fell in love? Could their love be her saving grace?

Well, enough of the questions. I am going to try it!

For the first time in recorded history (as far as my limited research has shown) a prehistoric mammal erotic romance... "Therion Waking." Read it, as I write it, at Wattpad.

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