Friday, January 16, 2015

O. M. Gods!

Look at all the pretties!

Just in time for the forth coming Lupercalia celebrations all across this world some of the most beautiful eyeshadows on the market... literally. I am in awe of these shades - not to mention the names given them.

Faunus is perfect - the blues and greens of a paradise.
Juno just glows with the sheen and beauty of a gorgeous, sun-lit peacock.

A festival in one "color" such as I have never had the pleasure to see.

But, this has to be my favorite. Did you know that the word, rumina, comes from an archaic Latin word ruma meaning "breasts"? In fact, as legend goes, the reason Roma is named such is because the early proto-Romans saw the seven hills of Rome as the curves of a woman lying flat upon the ground. Gaia, anyone? Thus, this color. Reminds me of a beautiful woman's breasts during climax - a pretty flush of innocent passion. I am seriously in love with this particular shade!

And, then there is this:

Prehistoric Dildos and Sex Toys... don't believe me, huh? Well, check out these bad boys!

In my next story, I am so adding some dildo fun into the story...