Friday, January 23, 2015

Book Reviews - Catching Up!

I have been neglecting my review readers... here are a whole bunch of my reviews on recently read works. Sorry for the delay. It has definitely been a while.

First up, Nicholas (The Lords of Satyr #1) by Elizabeth Amber. This is the first book in a series about the same family of satyr's who basically masquerade as humans, but change at the full moon into their "true" selves.

My review:

The premise is strong.

I liked that although there was almost no "foreplay" of the relationship before they were married, the couple still grew throughout the story, making the sex that much better. The sexual acts were varied and very detailed. I was, however, bothered by the sex acts performed with his brothers. The story makes this work, but I still felt icky.

Also, the side story with her aunt and the King's premise of "danger" had me confused from the get-go. I don't feel the side stories got the play they needed to be completely fleshed out - felt a little pushed.

As long as you don't get too hung up on the double penises and "licking" appendage, this is a delightful, steamy, raunchy as hell read.

P.S. I am already reading the second in the series and it is just as good as the first one.

And now there is the Surprise Passion Series Box Set by Mia Fox aka Lola Bond. 

Here is my review:

The stories are creative and unusual, but the author's style - repetitive and amateurish - and the poor editing take away from what could have been a very nice collection.

The first two stories, about the Yeti were adorable, and hysterical. I laughed and cried (tears of joy) and read the stories in one sitting. The sex was well-written but did kind of leave off. Ms. Bond/Fox writes better foreplay than she does the intercourse.

The second story, about the merman, was by far the best. Seriously, she should have ended the collection with this story. It was a true joy to read. I found myself liking the MC, loving the little boy, and enjoying the teasing of the merman. The sex was better, too, though I kind of wish she'd had them take a ride atop the waves... oh, the pleasurable pulse... such a great idea she passed right by.

The third story was okay. Not her best, though it did have the best plot. I love centaurs and found this story shockingly disappointing in its sex scenes and emotional connection. It was akin to watching a poorly made Sci-Fi movie.

Not sure the series is worth the price, but it was an okay time killer during the hot summer afternoon.

Finally, I offer my review of Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips.

Started hot and strong, fell into mediocrity and ended expectedly. I had high hopes in the first few chapters. Though the story was good, it wasn't the best and definitely became harder to keep reading as it went on. The story was predictable. However, with all that said, the writing style was awesome and very engaging. The plot just needs tweaking to remain intriguing.

For a list of all my reviews, feel free to visit my Goodreads page.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fun YouTube Video Finds

YouTube Can Be Fun and Educational...

Well, sort of... check these out!

Sex God Pan

Sexiest Mythology Creatures

And then just for fun...

Centaur Transformation Hypnosis

Personally, if I'm going to transform into a centaur, I'm going to be her...

and mate with him...

Friday, January 16, 2015

O. M. Gods!

Look at all the pretties!

Just in time for the forth coming Lupercalia celebrations all across this world some of the most beautiful eyeshadows on the market... literally. I am in awe of these shades - not to mention the names given them.

Faunus is perfect - the blues and greens of a paradise.
Juno just glows with the sheen and beauty of a gorgeous, sun-lit peacock.

A festival in one "color" such as I have never had the pleasure to see.

But, this has to be my favorite. Did you know that the word, rumina, comes from an archaic Latin word ruma meaning "breasts"? In fact, as legend goes, the reason Roma is named such is because the early proto-Romans saw the seven hills of Rome as the curves of a woman lying flat upon the ground. Gaia, anyone? Thus, this color. Reminds me of a beautiful woman's breasts during climax - a pretty flush of innocent passion. I am seriously in love with this particular shade!

And, then there is this:

Prehistoric Dildos and Sex Toys... don't believe me, huh? Well, check out these bad boys!

In my next story, I am so adding some dildo fun into the story...

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Free Kindle Books! - January 15, 2015

Always check prices before ordering because they may have changed.

Ensnare: The Librarian's Lover #1

Leslie Faulkner spends her days dreaming of romance and seduction, and her nights working at the college library to support her schooling. She longs for a love that would consume her body and soul, a romance that would take her away from the endless drudgery of her dull existence. Her fathomless boredom among the dusty tomes changes when a book is dropped into the library return slot. She has no idea who it belongs to, but several encounters with its terrifyingly delightful powers leaves her breathless and longing for more of its unique skills.

Leslie takes drastic measures to ensure the book doesn't slip through her fingers, and her actions start her down a road of danger and pleasure.

Ensnare: The Librarian's Lover #1 is 9,000 words of monster/tentacle erotica. It is the first entry in the Ensnare - Librarian series out of a total of three. The series contains strong sexual themes and erotic romance, and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

The first installment of the Unnatural Lover series.

She was barren. Lifeless.

That's how Amanda Stenser felt when she was told the news that she couldn't have children. It was a blow to everything she'd dreamed of, everything she'd hoped. Now she felt lost, and her boyfriend suggests she get away from everything for a few days. That's why she heads up to the cabin deep in the woods, but she never could have expected what changes awaited her up on that lonely mountain.

The Rousing: A Celtic in the Blood Novella

When unwelcome stranger Jack Pembroke arrives in Darcy McShane’s rural coastal village, the last thing she anticipates is falling for him, but a deadly storm, a night of unrestrained passion and the rousing of an ancient Irish myth conspire to change her life irrevocably.
From the authors of The Becoming Trilogy, The Rousing is an adult romance novella, set on the wild coast of Southern Ireland. The story blends mystery and eroticism with a paranormal twist on an ancient Celtic vampire legend said to have inspired Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Due to graphic scenes of sex and violence, The Rousing is recommended to an 18+ readership.
25,000 words; approx. 100 pages

Friday, January 2, 2015

Starting the New Year off with some fun

Some fun for the new year!

And, for all of you dirty-minded thinkers, a fun website full of unintentionally erotic cakes. My favorites, you ask? Well, check out the "Pear" and "Firework" -- pretty sure those were created by evil cake geniuses.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year Brags!

2015 is looking good!

I finally made it into the top ten - sure it is free sales - but, since I made it, now my books will be linked to other similar books on Amazon and I can get more exposure. So, thanks to everyone who purchased one or more of my books during the free days at the end of the month. You all are awesome!

I hope you enjoy them! Please remember to leave a review at either Goodreads or Amazon if you enjoyed (heck, even if you don't enjoy them) reading my short stories. As seen with "On the Hunt: Callisto & Hyacinth", I do read the reviews. Your takeaways help me write better.