Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Free Books in December!

Would you like some free books?

From December 25th until the 29th, The Cup Bearer, and other stories will be offered free on Amazon.

From December 26th until the 30th, A Night Alone will be offered free and from the 27th to the 31st, A Lesser Aphrodite will be free.

And assuming everything goes as planned--I finish the extra story and get it to the editors by Monday without difficulties--On the Hunt: Hyacinth & Callisto (newly updated with an additional story about Hyacinth and Zephyr) will be offered free on Amazon from the 28th through January 1st.

[p.s. I'll update that link to On the Hunt as soon as Amazon gets it posted... IT IS POSTED!]

So, did you get a new Kindle for Christmas? Well then, take advantage of these deals. They won't be around forever.

And looking forward, I will be publishing my newest eBook, To the Fairest, in January for $1.99 at Amazon.