Friday, December 19, 2014

Mainstream Erotica... before Fifty Shades

Anne Rice on Vampires and Erotica

I have read her Sleeping Beauty trilogy of erotica and except for an overabundance of spanking that I just don't see the sexual appeal in I can't say I didn't find her works very titillating. In fact, when I am down and out, I always reach for this trilogy. Not only does it perk me right up, but it also gets my juices flowing... my literary juices, I mean. 

Penguin trade paperback cover

My favorite scenes? 
  • When the prince first wakes Beauty. 
  • When Beauty is being shown the "torture" room in the castle (still not sure all those positions are actually possible, but what the hey?). 
  • Beauty's exile from the castle and sex in the wagon (dear gods, so hot!).
  • Tristan in the stables servicing the other "studs."
  • Beauty in the tavern with her Captain (basically any of those scenes...)
  • Tristan and his master.
  • Tristan and Beauty on the Arab ships... first night at sea (I will never look at fruit the same!)

And, wouldn't you know I can't remember the third book as well. Been a while, actually, since I read that one. Will have to un-bury it from the back of the bookcase and dust it off.

Guess I have some reading to do this holiday season...