Friday, December 12, 2014

Barnes & Noble has Decided to Play with the Big Boys!

I haven't sold a single ebook via B&N. Not a one. Got a few hundred hits on my free singles - which I have since decided to remove from sale so that I can add an additional chapter about Hyacinth and Zephyr's time together- but nothing else. So, when I received an email from Selena Kitt about B&N's new policy regarding questionable content (particularly in the content of the description and on the covers), I decided just to go ahead and pull the plug.

I used to (note the tense here) use Smashwords to distribute my books to all the big ebook retailers, except Amazon, and have received from them NOTHING! Even though I have a whopping balance of $2.38. The same profit I have had all year. No actual payments though.

It really wasn't a hard decision, but tonight I signed into my Smashwords account and unpublished all my books with them. Every last one. Couldn't figure out how to close my account, however.

[If someone does, let me know!]

Even the one, cover pictured below, which they refused to actually send out for publication at any retailer except the Smashwords home-site because of her "painted" bare breasts. I'm sorry, but if the artwork can hang in an art gallery visited by school children on a field trip, why can't it be shown on a book cover? Seriously, this is ART! Old, well-respected art!

In a week or so, I am going to have to make a far more difficult decisoin. I will have the opportunity to enroll The Cup Bearer and A Night Alone in Kindle Select/Prime. I am not sure whether I should or not. Yes, A Lesser Aphrodite is doing well there, but I'm not sure it is enough for me. Perhaps, once I get everything straight, I hold some more free days and see what happens then make my decision.

Anyways, this is just a heads-up for any of my followers and lovely potential customers. So far, Amazon has been the best for me and I'm going to stick by them.

Let's hope, they don't pull any crap...

Ghostwriting - Pros and Cons of a Secret Writer

What is Ghostwriting? or Who is a Ghostwriter?

  1. ghostwriter is a writer who writes books, articles, stories, reports, or other texts that are officially credited to another person. Celebrities, executives, and political leaders often hire ghostwriters to draft or edit autobiographies, magazine articles, or other written material.

In order to help supplement my everyday income, I have a Fiverr page where I offer a few gigs. One of those gigs is to help other writers with their erotic love scenes. It seems, an author either has the skill or doesn't have it. Writing sex isn't as easy as it looks. For those who would like to make their living writing erotic or romance short stories, books, or anything in between but can't seem to figure out how to write the actual act, I am their savior.

I have written for at least two prolific, and I assume top-selling authors since they keep returning fo rmore stories and absolutely rave about my style and talent, of relatively popular erotic/romance ebooks (according to my limited Amazon searches). I have written for three separate sites which sell erotic stories. All of these, I have been happy to do. Here's why:

For only $4 I write a 500-1,000 word excerpt about the characters of their choice, doing the things of their choice, in the location of their choice, and as hot or raunchy as they chose. They make all the decisions and all I have to do is write. It is incredibly liberating! I don't have to think of what happens before or what might happen after. I don't have to create the characters and make them real. All I do is get them together. It allows me the freedom to explore different phrases, acts, experiences, behavior that might not have thought to use before. Very often, I get a rush of creative ideas for my own works right after I finish a gig.

The only thing which bothers me is the amount of time and effort I put into each excerpt. As a perfectionist, I always want to do my best but sometimes I go a little too overboard. I write too much. I get invested in the story and characters and then almost want to beg the author to let me write more, finish the book, whatever. And, for so little. $4 is really not enough. But, as an amateur, I still shy away from asking more. I am not a well-known author.

And the time I spend writing these excerpt's takes away from the time I have each week to dedicate to my own writing. I am afraid of the day I will end up ghostwriting more than actually writing my own stuff. To become a famous writer, through the work of others (although I did read one review of book I helped write in which the reviewer said the best part of the book for her was the sex scenes. My scenes!), yet still unknown.

When I thought to stop ghostwriting for a while, opting to take a month off for personal reasons, I was honestly amazed by the number of previous clients who were worried I wasn't coming back. I almost didn't want to come back. I was tired of the few clients who requested, consistently, so much more than I was actually able to give or who started off wanting simple excerpts and then arguing with me when I wasn't able to get the full story they desired written in a 1,000 words. It is amazing how a few can ruin a good thing. But, alas, after my return, those clients have gone elsewhere. What remains, it seems, are those clients who sincerely enjoy and like my work and applaud my skill.

Is ghostwriting worth it? How much would you pay to have someone else write "your" story?