Friday, October 31, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014

I have decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month 2014 - which, incidentally begins tomorrow and goes all the way through November. Basically, the goal is to write at least 50,000 words toward a novel during the month. If I can accomplish that, I win! Easy, peesy... uh, yeah.

Here's my plan:

A re-imagining of the myth of the Centaurs and Lapiths. 
Standing before the gathered herd of Centaurs, Hylonome felt her heart seize and stutter at the sight of her groom, her stallion, her mate standing beneath the old tree at the center of the meadow. Beside him stood her father, hind hoof stamping the sun-backed ground in impatience. Her mother stood off to the side, tail swishing, with a smile pasted on her face. The corners of her mouth already trembled and the first tear leaked down her tanned and wrinkled cheek. Hylonome offered her a weak, soft smile. Then, turning her eyes back to Cyllarus, she locked onto his heated gaze and began to trot toward her future. 
Hippodamia cringed at the shout of the king. Bowing low, she scurried down the dark hall back toward the palace's central garden. It wouldn't do to be found eavesdropping on the stranger visitor speaking so candidly with her father. He didn't need to know she had been hiding behind the heavy woolen curtain behind his throne. Some things, a princess never did. Passing into the bright sunlight, she squinted down at her gown. Brushing a few of the cobwebs from the sleeves and hem, she lifted her head, took a deep breath, and slowly walked back to the court. It was time to meet her betrothed. 
When Hippodamia casually suggests inviting her half-siblings, the beastly Centaurs, she does so with the best of intentions. But sometimes the best intentions are not enough. 
(Note: In the original myth, it is Pirithous, Hippodamia's husband, who is the Lapith. However, I have made a rather big change to the original and instead made Hippodamia the Lapith. I think it works better this way since Hippodamia's name means "horse tamer.")

With that said, I have also made a few early on plans as to format and content. I figured I should probably do a little pre-planning before the actual writing begins to make this as seamless as possible and as do-able as possible.

Prologue: Story of Ixion on Olympus and the resulting one-night stand with the cloud giving birth to the Centaur race.
Odd numbered chapters: Hylonome's side of the story leading from her wedding to Cyllarus to their attendance at Hippodamia's ceremony/feast.
Even numbered chapters: Hippodamia's side of the story leading from her first introduction to Pirithous to the day of her nuptials and the feasting afterwards.
Climax: The battle between the Centaurs and Lapiths.
Epilogue: Hippodamia's bridal night with Pirithous and Hylonome and Cyllarus' reunion in the Underworld.
Total word count goal for finishing the novel: 80,000 words

This will be my very first novel-writing attempt. Please, wish me luck. Oh, and if you, too, are going to be part of the event, feel free to drop me a line and "Buddy" me. I'd love to hear about your works and your tips to success!