Friday, October 17, 2014

Abandoned by my Cover Artist - What now?

So, my cover artist with whom I had a very nice working relationship AND whose covers I absolutely love, seems to be on sabbatical with no forwarding address and contact... which, is leaving me in quite a bind. What to do?

Do I keep the covers she has made, but change things for the rest. Do I just wait and pray for her return? Do I just go with pre-mades as I need them and they come close to working?

Some internet research led me to a basic, simple, easy-to-use Kindle cover creator called KD Renegade. After a few difficulties which in turn directed me toward a cool little FREE app called jpegmini, I looked into creating my own "professional" ebook covers. Not sure if I really like what I've created, especially with my limited talents in graphic design, but here's a look.

I would love some honest feedback.

The important facts:

  • I used all public domain artwork and paintings.
  • I tried to keep the font clear and simple, but still evocative of my tone and genre: Mythology and Erotic Romance.
  • I wanted the covers to look enough the same to illustrate their similar styles.
  • I hope my covers don't attract the Amazon censors.
  • I need the covers to look good big and small.

Here they are in no particular order:

If I decide to change my covers, I do think I might combine the stories of Callisto
and Hyacinth, adding an additional part to the Hyacinth story about his time with Zephyrus.

Daughters of Ixion is my WIP for NaNoWriMo.

I think "A Night Alone" may be my favorite cover so far!

I'm liking the "Gods at Night" title more than my previous title.

What do you all think of the title "A Pome Beneath" for my novelette on Hades and Persephone?
Here is another option for title:

I just can't decide... perhaps I should finish writing it first and see what comes out?