Friday, September 26, 2014

Review for The Maenad of Manhattan

This is a review for The Maenad of Manhattan by Liz Melon. It is available on Amazon for $1.99. This is the first book in a series and I can't wait until the rest are available.

Ms. Melon has done the impossible... or, at least, the very difficult. She has woven the mythos of the ancients (Greek, Norse, Slavic) into the modern world without following the normal course of rebirth or teenaged offspring and she added in the, ever so delectable, eroticism which is very popular these days. Well done!

Not only does she accomplish this nearly improbable task, she also managed to work in the very popular paranormal aspect; in this case, a vampiric maenad of Bacchus. I've always been a fan of the maenads, specifically the story of Pentheus and Dionysus. They are a crazy, freaky, really kind of fun group of ancient women who know the meaning of a wild night. If I were an ancient Greek, I would have definitely been one of these groupies. So nice, then, to see them in a modern work.

I love this story! Her mythology is accurate - incredibly so - and wonderfully woven into the story. No examples of "info dumping" here. Just a quick story about two lovers and their adventures hunting the monsters of old for pay and worship. I love her sex scenes - though, she definitely likes, perhaps a bit too much, the word "ramming" - and find them hot, twisted, and full of variety. Since this is Aphrodite's story, really, I'm beyond pleased that Ms. Melon spent so much time and effort with the sex.

Oh, and Loki. Poor boy, he usually doesn't get this much play these days and this story is a welcome relief from all the recent Loki's of literature and film. Thank you for that! Loki is a doll of mythos and well-deserving of some rewriting and modernizing into a "good" guy.

Overall delightful, creative, and well written, I am very glad I took a chance on this new author and gave her novella a read. It was well worth it!