Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review for Ravished by Hercules

This is a review for Ravished by Hercules by Jessica Satin available on Amazon for $2.99.

So, what I thought I was getting myself into was a sexy romp with a muscle-bound Hercules and any number of girls. What I got, however, was even better. This isn't just some story of random, hot sex with a mythological hero... NO! this is a fun twist on the regular myth. Instead of Hercules all alone on his labors, he's got a friendly--some might say "too friendly"--friend along for the ride. And, a horse. A horse with wings.

I am a mythological nerd and like my stories authentic, so I will admit I was initially turned off at a number of small details that got under my skin: disconcerting references to smells, vocabulary, and language that would have been totally foreign to the ancient world

  • the scent combinations, specifically, had me shaking my fist at the heavens
  • her language for the male and female anatomy were not to my "authentic" senses correct, but far from poorly used... instead, they were pleasantly and surprisingly used in context extremely well
  • some rather modern terms that pissed me off, but not enough to remember for a page or two

and a rather shocking lack of keep true to the myth.

  • Megara mentions Hercules labors in the past tense, though she is actively completing them with him in her present tense
  • Pegasus!... yet one more fan of Disney's Hercules (I HATE THAT MOVIE!)
  • Megara mentions his reason for the labors (i.e. killing his wife and children), but SHE was that wife in the original version

BUT, and that's a huge but, I found myself really drawn into the story and ended up loving the way Ms. Satin made this story her own. I was sadly disappointed the story did not keep going... (Though, I understand this is a series in progress and there will, hopefully, be many more coming. Pretty please.)

With all this said, I really wanted to give this story two solid thumbs up... however, one phrase kept me cringing each time--"her pussy pummeling along his cock"--and I had a horrible time keeping track of their sexual positions. Some of those moves are, I'm pretty sure, impossible. Other than that - well, I would love to read more.