Friday, August 22, 2014

Irons in the Fire... An Update on My WIPs

So, I know I have a lot of irons in the fire at the moment and I keep promising new works, well, I have yet another to inform my followers of...

First, other updates:

I've submitted "To the Victor" a short story about the short-lived affair of Apollo and Daphne to Absolute Write for inclusion in a color-centered--in my case GREEN--anthology of erotic works. I hope to hear something within the next few months about acceptance.

Yesterday, I submitted another, slightly longer, short story currently called "Sea Monster" about Glaucus, Circe, and Scylla's love triangle on the shores and islands of the ancient Mediterranean to Forbidden Fruit for consideration in their Divine Desires anthology. They've received my work, so now I am just patiently waiting for the next step - either acceptance and editing or rejection and looking into new options.

I am about to finish, only 3,000 words or so left, the short story I was originally planning to publish with Forbidden Fruit, but now think I'll just publish on my own about Hephaestus and his second wife, Aglaia. The cover is lining up to be the hardest part. I truly can't decide between the following images:

You want to help me decide? Leave a comment on your favorite. The title is "A Lesser Aphrodite."

I have also added the beginnings and first few pages of each story to my collection about (what was planned to be two stories and is now three) mortal women seduced on their wedding nights by both their mortal husbands and some randy gods. I have added Leda to my list of Alcmene and Aethra. Oh, and my favorite part... well, I have one heck of a twist coming regarding Leda and her night of debauchery by Zeus.

Standing over his wife's pulsing body, the scent of her receding orgasm invading his flared nostrils, he reached out and plucked a feather peeking from under her pale, ample hip.
What is this? A swan's feather?" 
Leda's lids peeked open, a blush creeping up her chest and heating her previously flushed cheeks. "Oh gods, Zeus--"

Additionally, I've got the opening "wow!" of a story I am looking forward to writing about Achilles's time in the court of Lycomedes. Hidden by his mother within the king's walls among his inquisitive and yearning daughters, Achilles still can't ignore his raging desire for the sword.

I seduced the daughters with my wonderful tales of imagining, my warrior’s body, and my skill between their legs. I loved them. Loved the way their flesh held my hips, pillowed my head, and welcomed my cock. I spent a year among them, listening to their fantasies and using my gleaned knowledge to bend their wills to my desires. But, I never forgot the spear. I yearned for the spear, the sword, the staff. Seeing Odysseus’s thus displayed, waiting to be acknowledged, waiting to be seized, I could no longer deny my true self. I ignored the jewels, the expensive silks, the perfumed cosmetics. My fingers followed my unwavering gaze and I grasped the weapon that drew me so eagerly.

Odysseus’s bellowing laugh filled the court suddenly, startling the daughters into squeals. The aides which flitted incessantly around the edges of the room, stilled with gasps. The queue of beseechers down the middle of the hall ceased their mumbling and grumbling. Every eye settled on me.

“See there, King Lycomedes, that is no princess you harbor, but a warrior!”

And, let's not forget my two novellas... they are on hold. I have run into some writer's block issues with both and though I keep returning to them, I just can't get from where I am to where I want to be. It is driving me crazy!

Now, onto the new WIP (work in progress):

"Tiresias," my first attempt at an erotic novel. I've decided to write it as I have time in between all my other irons on Goodreads. So far all I have is the prologue. Here is the link to the story. Read it as you like and feel free to leave comments.

I love my followers and readers - here's to another year of writing!