Monday, July 28, 2014

Review for Seeds: Volume Three

Here are my reviews for Volume One and Volume Two of the Seeds series written by M.M. Kin.

This review is for Volume Three, only, which can be purchased through Amazon for $4.99.

After reading the other two volumes in this series, I knew what I was getting into. What I didn't expect though, was the strength of Ms. Kin's growth. This volume is her best in the series.

The book starts off a little ridiculously, right where Volume Two left off, with Persephone in the throes of an epic tantrum more reminiscent of a four year's old actions than fitting the behavior of the new Queen of the Underworld and a woman in her own right. Honestly, I was pretty sure I was reading a transcript from an episode of As the World Turns. Not in a good way, either.

However, the book only gets better from that point forward. So, please keep reading.

Ms. Kin does an admirable job of tying up a ton of loose ends she introduced in the previous books, including the birth and life of Perseus, the ongoing love/hate relationship between Zeus and Hera, and the wailing of a colicky baby. My only lingering question is one of priorities: if Demeter was so hell-bent on destroying the world because of her rightful anger, why did she take the time to dress and walk among the mortals she was starving and then choosing to take up a job with a royal family to nurse a baby back to health. Seemed an odd choice considering her other decisions. Ms. Kin tries to address this question, but I just don't buy the premise.

She also, finally, gives Persephone the freedom to become her true goddess-self, full of amazing power and a heart, as they say, as big as Texas... but, maybe even bigger, like Olympus. In fact, I can absolutely say that Persephone, as Ms. Kin writes her, may be the most perfect goddess in all history. Full of confidence and not afraid to ask for what she wants, she doesn't mind then fighting to get it. A good role model for today's pre-teens. (However, do not mistake this novel as suitable for pre-teens; there is a lot of sex within these pages!)

I would not have thought that previously. Or expected it.

Now, I can't see her any other way. That, is why I claim this volume as Ms. Kin's best. It takes an amazing author to write, first, one obnoxious, childish, whiny girl, then, a rebellious, angry teenager, and finally, a woman to be admired and respected. One heck of a job well-done! I mean it - I am duly impressed at the way this series unfolded.

I am thrilled for the chance to have read and reviewed the whole series.

p.s. To my erotica-loving followers: there is a pleasant lesbian sex scene within these pages... enjoy!