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Cursed by the Gods

What would you do if you do if some gorgeous guy told you he was the ancient God Apollo and that you were his promised mate? Here I was celebrating my 40th birthday in Italy and this glorious man is following me all over this amazing country refusing to take no for an answer. He's obviously crazy... Or is he? Magical things happen around him and I am drawn to this supposed God in ways I've never felt for anyone. Maybe I'm the crazy one.

Author's note: This book is intended for mature audiences as it contains themes of erotic sex and some violence with harsh language.

Excerpt and description taken from Amazon site.

Poor Demetrius, all he wanted to do was save his friend from being sacrificed to the Goddess of Love, and now he finds himself in a terribly humiliating and desperate dilemma. Discovered and seduced by the painfully beautiful Aphrodite on her sacred island, his epic erotic encounter with the gorgeous Goddess came with an outstandingly rich reward but sadly a very heavy price. Transformed both into an immortal and the most desirable man on earth, the cost was his perpetual nudity and permanent chastity. Desperate for release he is sent on a journey to obtain the most sought after items in the world to end his accidental curse.

Join Demetrius as he goes on his epic quest throughout the ancient world to cure his increasingly desperate blue balls and embarrassing permanent nudity. On his erotic Odyssey he encounters the most horrific monsters, beautiful insatiable Nymphs and gorgeous powerful Goddesses in history as he relentlessly pursues his mission forward. From the beginning as he worships the golden toes of Aphrodite, through his amazing adventures with a countless host of other gorgeous women, exotic creatures and supernatural Deities, the action never stops as his desperation builds and builds.

No Nymph's tunic will remain dry nor Satyr's toga stay flat as they read this amazing femdom teasing tale.

Warning: Adults Only. This book contains explicit sexual imagery and is intended for ADULTS ONLY!

Excerpt and description taken from Amazon site.