Friday, June 27, 2014

Review for Divine Matches (an erotic anthology)

Divine Matches is an anthology of erotic (mostly) romance short stories involving gods and goddesses - all different cultures get a little play here, including the legend of King Arthur - published by Excessica and available on Amazon for $2.99.

I loved this collection! There are some really wonderful, creative, and very sexy reads within these pages. The only negative that bothered me was the lack of a good editor. Each and every story had more than a handful of grammatical or formatting issues that pulled me out of the story. Jarring, to say the least. However, despite that negative, I still highly recommend the anthology.

My favorite stories in the collection were:

Into the Woods by Cherry Lee

This was an interesting story about desires and fate. I really loved the way Ms. Lee combined the idea of reincarnation, fate, and mythology together with a Bacchanal and a modern orgy. The sex in this story was varied, hot, and so very, very naughty. When done right, I'm beginning to believe satyr-sex can be a good thing for any woman. This story reminded me of a much dirtier version of The Satyr Downunder series. If you liked one... you'll enjoy the other.

The Seduction of Sir Galahad by J.E. Taylor

Not a Greek myth retold, but a short based on the mythology/legend of King Arthur. I am not a Arthurian scholar by any means, but I recognized enough in this tale to make this one heck of a fun and arousing ride. I specifically love the fall of the angel Sofiel. Well done, Taylor. Be warned, though - THIS IS NOT A ROMANCE! Happy endings be damned...

The Bacchae by Elliott Mabeuse

Between this story and the next one, I can't say which I loved more. Both are extremely well-written, hotter than hot, with tons of sex and some surprising twists to mythology. There were two stories involving Bacchus/Dioynsis (Into the Woods was the other one) and of the two, this one is the more mythologically correct. Particularly, I loved the many varied descriptions of coming and ecstasy Mr. Mabeuse uses to describe an indescribable experience. Wow! Got me thinking about my own writing. This one does involve some rather terrifying side action.

To Love a God by J.M. Synder

Hephaestus is my ultimate favorite Greek god... don't ask why. He figures twice in this collection, but this is the better of the stories. In fact, the editor of this collection did well by putting this story last. It was a gem to read and left a wonderful romantic vibe coursing through my veins. I won't spoil this story by saying too much about it except... you've never seen Hephaestus like this! The sex scenes are to die for, literally sublime!