Friday, June 13, 2014

Male/Male Sexual Acts - Can a Woman Write Them Convincingly?

Priapus of Milet

I would like to start off by saying that these two men's blog posts "Slasher's Guide to Gay Sex" and "Gay Sex is All Wrong in FanFic" are an ideal place to start for any woman looking to write a gay sex scene. I will not claim, however, that either is dainty; these are direct, to-the-point, and a little bit dirty. Like good sex? I wish I could find one for men trying to write lesbian sex scenes - they need just as much help as we do. For that matter, I probably need some help with writing lesbian sex, too.

So, I read these two articles, then took a look at my most recent homoerotic retelling "On the Hunt: Hyacinth". What follows is a break-down of my strongest and weakest points. 


  • prepping the anus for the first-time with fingers
  • pain is minimal, if prepped correctly, and fleeting
  • once the bottom comes, the penetrative sex is over for the top; it hurts, now
  • male orgasms are a buildup in muscle tension, not "pooling in the belly"

Weaknesses (need improvement):

  • no more than two fingers (see above)
  • include prostate massage with anal fingering and a blowjob as foreplay for the bottom
  • a guy can come from being penetrated, no extra manipulations necessary
  • goal is rubbing the prostate, not ball's deep penetration, which can be painful
  • bottom needs more than a few strokes from the top to get off (but, maybe not for the first time)
  • a knee between his legs is not a promising start... too much risk for accidental harming

Overall notes:

  • prepping the anus with fingers outside of foreplay for a man who is constantly on the bottom is unnecessary
  • guys often on the bottom position are not tight (unlike a woman)
  • well-used guys' anuses are wide open and plenty stretched for a quickie (with just a little lube)
  • the prostate is erectile tissue, not particularly sensitive, needs stimulation and slow to arouse
  • many men prefer to be prepared with a slow, thrusting penis
  • the head/bulb of the cock is not the most sensitive part, its the nerves underneath the edge

The timing couldn't have been better, since I am working steadily on the end of the my novella Reflections - the publication title for the story of Echo and Narcissus - and have finally found a chance to look back and read my male on male scenes. Some editing is due. Not to mention, at the request of a fan, I am going to look into writing a sequel to the Hyacinth-Apollo pairing on Hyacinth and Zephyr.

To my gay readers, I promise to do my best to make these scenes as believable as possible. I may be a married straight woman, but I CAN write gay sex scenes.

And, for those who are wondering, as well as to satisfy my own curiosity, can a man write women's erotica convincingly?

I stumbled upon this work the other day, available for free on Smashwords, and am disappointed in this example. What say my readers? Do you all have a better example? I would love to read it. Please share.