Monday, June 2, 2014

Review for Seeds: Volume One

I have agreed to review this series by M.M. Kin in exchange for a review of my books (the books were received free of charge). I was happy to do so and was the one who contacted her first. The following review is my honest opinion of her work.

Since I decided to write my own novella about the mythology story of Hades and Persephone, I have been seeking out as many other authors' works as possible in the same vein. I have already reviewed Madeleine Marzio's series in the pages of this blog. So, it only seemed fitting I eventually stumble upon M.M. Kin and her series Seeds. There are three volumes in the series. You can purchase the first book of the series on Amazon and on Barnes & Noble.

I will start by saying that I was immediately impressed and quite excited to read Ms. Kin's "Foreward" and hear she was into research. A lot of research. She took the writing of this book very serious and wanted to gather as much information as she could about the original versions of the story, the life and times of Greece during the period of Persephone's birth, etc. After completing the book, I can honestly say she did a fantastic job! My only complaint is the boot and velvet wearing Hades. His appearance/clothing choices just did not seem as true to her research as I would have liked. However, read below to see how much I did enjoy her characterization of him.

Additionally, in her "Foreward", Ms. Kin expressed her desire for the reader's understanding that this story, though not the original myth, was her creation. For that, I am grateful. As a purist, I did find a few of Ms. Kin's details off-putting initially - especially Demeter's superhero attack moves - but, once I let go of my own preconceptions, really got into the story Ms. Kin created. This is a fantasy-based Greek myth re-telling, emphasis on the fantasy.

Ms. Kin approached her entire series as a fantasy. She built a unique and powerfully descriptive world which might once have existed in the mountains and valleys of Greece, in which the Greek gods rule and play. She started from scratch, introducing both the gods, as she imagined them, and the mortals, which she alone created. She masterfully led me from the moments before Persephone's birth all the way through her childhood and blossoming womanhood. This was not just a peek into one part of Persephone's life, but an expansive undertaking into her entire existence.

My favorite scenes were of Persephone's (originally named Kora) childhood and her interactions with her mortal family. I love the character of Iasion - truly a magnificent creation of M.M. Kin's imagination! My second favorite scenes were all in which Hades interacted with his siblings and/or Persephone. M.M. Kin will hold a special place in my heart for always because of the humane way she chose to portray the character of Hades. It is not uncommon to run into Hades in all manner of genre and almost always I hate him. Why? Because few authors can move past their idea of him as synonymous with Satan. Hades was never a Satan-esque god. He was a ruler, like Zeus, but of a dark and dead realm. Ms. Kin understands that. I am eternally grateful to her for that acknowledgment.

Finally, my review would not be complete without a word or two on the erotica in these pages. There is plenty of steaminess for the erotica lover, though not quite as much explicitness as a true connoisseur might want. And, due to the storyline, nothing started goes so far as to end in mutual intercourse. Lots of foreplay and Hades shows his appreciation of a new woman with his lovely hands and mouth. I was pleased with her handling of the sexy parts.

This book, in effect, changed the entire way I thought of and imagined this story unfolding. It is the second book I have read in which the author chose to separate the different aspects of Kore and Persephone and I am very interested in completing my own research into this multi-faceted side of the Goddess of Spring/Queen of the Underworld.

So, to any and all who find themselves debating the time to read this novel/series, I can only offer my support. You will not be sorry. Well worth it and highly recommend.

Reviews of the other two volumes are coming soon.