Friday, May 23, 2014

Reviews for Bound to the Emperor, Courted, and Senator, Mine

These books are not of a mythological nature, but of a Roman historical nature. All are works of erotica. Some very hot sex in the following pages, believe me!

This review is for Bound to the Emperor, though offered in parts, this is the complete story. It is written by Bethany Rousseau. The story can be found at Amazon for $4.99.

The sex is incredible and varied. There is plenty here for the erotica lover. With the Emperor, Liviana is pleasurably tormented over and over with lots of slapping, whipping, and flogging. With her gladiator, it is gentle, caring, and reciprocal. However you like it, Ms. Rousseau wrote it. 
As for the writing style, well, at first it was hard to follow. Livi is very repetitive. The book is like reading a teenager's journal. All about her, her, her, and her much more exciting life than yours, yours, yours. She dwells a lot on the differences between her two lovers and how much she dislikes her life as a slave, but how much she appreciates being a healer. On that front, I am disappointed. A woman healer in Rome? Yeah, right. 

The ending was a surprise, but I won't ruin that for you...

It is a good, steamy-hot and sexy, story, however, I'm not sure I would have spent 5 dollars on it.

This review is for Courted, a short story of the Roman Empire, by Sylvia Ketrie. It can be found at Amazon for $0.99. However, I would definitely pay more for this story, no matter how short.

My only complaint here, is that some of the Latin is wrong, but that is such a small detail in an otherwise wonderful story. Most of the Latin, and there is a lot of it used, is perfect. I love the fact that Ms. Ketrie used the Latin vocabulary for sex organs in her sex scenes. In all honesty, I had never thought of doing that. The effect for someone who knows the language is amazing. The Romans had such beautiful words for the parts of the male and female body that is it a shame we don't still use them. I truly felt as though I was reading a erotic novel from the Roman Empire.

Beyond the sex, the story itself was very well researched. I mean, history professor-type research in play here. This woman knows her stuff. I can't wait to read more of her work. I do hope she considers writing a novel-length work at some point.

This review is for Senator, Mine, a short story but part of a larger collection of 1 Night Stand Stories, written by Kerry Adrienne. It can be found online at Amazon for $2.99.

I will start by saying the author needs a better editor in her pocket. There were numerous grammatical errors and some very serious sentence flow and understandability issues throughout. Also, as a student of the Romans, I was bothered by the lack of historical research into the period and lifestyle. Though, having said that, her descriptive capabilities are amazing. I haven't read a short story in quite a while with such wonderful landscaped details. 
The story itself, a love affair across timelines was extremely well planned out. There was a nice flow between plot building, sex scenes, and character development. For such a short read, I really cared about Eleanor and Darius (despite her saying it, this was not a common name for Senators of any time in Roman history). I might have felt a kinship with Eleanor based solely on her love of Ovid (I, as we all know, LOVE Ovid! - but, "his bawdy poetry" is not right. More likely, she meant Catullus and his poetry. Same time period, but different style of poetry and subject matter.) and her bad luck with men. Anyways, by the end, I definitely wanted the two to end up together.

The ending was abrupt and I was left with one over-riding question which still irks me... what language were they speaking? Latin? Cause, that might have been pertinent information.