Friday, April 11, 2014

Imagination Fail - What in Hades does Olympus look like?

So, here I am working on the middle section of my short story, Ganymede, and I have no idea what to do? What in Hades does Olympus look like?

Yup. That's it. I got no idea.

I mean, come on, as a writer I am supposed to write about what I know. What do I know about? Well, I live in a small house, in the middle of the Blue Ridge mountains. I have a dog, a husband, and nothing much else. I live a lower middle-class life. I have never been to a palace, never mind one on top of a Greek mountain. So, how exactly am I to know what a mountaintop palatial complex in beautiful Greece built for the gods would look like - outside and in?

I guess I could imagine it? You know, use what those gods have blessed me with... inspiration from the muses. Well, I guess the muses are on vacation because except for some minor details:

1) heavy drapery curtains for doors
2) large, open rooms, minimally decorated for visiting mortals
3) gorgeous view from latticed windows
4) beds which are more like heavily cushioned platforms

I don't have much else going on upstairs.

Instead, I find myself using my tried and true "inspiration caffeine": Google Image Search.

Here are the highlights.

And, there it is... the muses have returned and the hamster's back on the wheel. We got lift-off folks!

Works every time... Gods bless Google!