Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Beta Readers Needed!


I have finished my first four short stories and even designed an eBook cover (actually two) that I think looks pretty damn professional and intriguing. Now, what I need are a few intrepid souls who would love their very own electronic copy of this collection (including a short story unreleased on this blog) AND my own review of their work in return for some really awesome help!

I need people to read these stories while looking for the following potential issues:
- spelling & grammar
- flow within the storyline
- dialogue
- and any other suggestions or advice

I am almost 95% certain that the spelling is correct, at least for the handful of words I didn't make-up, and am about 80% certain the grammar is fine. What I really need good help for is the flow, readability, and sense within the plots. Basically, I need some people to let me know if these short stories read easily and enjoyably.

Are you up to the task?

As they say, "good help is hard to find," but I still got hope. Don't let me down, loyal blog followers and new blog finders alike.

p.s. Even if you aren't willing to "beta test" my stories, can you please let me know which eBook cover you find more appealing and intriguing? Thanks!