Friday, March 28, 2014

Review for A Date of Godlike Proportions

This review is for A Date of Godlike Proportions, novella 2.5, in a three book trilogy, written by Tellulah Darling. It can be found online at Amazon for $0.99.

So, I should start by admitting I haven't read any of the rest of this trilogy. However, I am seriously considering looking into them. I am curious as to how this novella fit into the rest of the series. I admire Ms. Darling for her adherence to the purpose of this novella - it is obviously meant to be read after the first and second books already have been, maybe or maybe not read before the third book. Ms. Darling spends no time on filling in the reader on what has already happened. She doesn't waste time on recapping things, as a reader, of this series, you should know. Perfect... I hate it when authors do that.

However, with that all said, I was a tad confused. But, by the end, I was feeling far more curious and excited than overwhelming lost.

I like the premise Ms. Darling has set up - the "reincarnation" of the gods and some of the titans from Greek mythology into the bodies of young adults. Definitely a disaster waiting to happen. A more grown-up look at what the Percy Jackson books only hinted at. Not to mention Ms. Darling's take on homosexuality, especially for the young adults, just stepping out into the world and on their own. She handles the situation with maturity and realism - very special.

I don't know about how much explicit sex the whole series might contain, but this little novella was a welcome break from the full explicitness of most books I review. The author hinted at the romance and eroticism without taking the reader all the way there. Well done.

Take my suggestion and look at the whole series, this novella promises goodness to come.