Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Priapea - Verses of Priapus, in translation (by Elise Green)

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Verse 5

Quam puero legem fertur dixisse Priapus,
   versibus hic infra scripta duobus erit:
'quod meus hortus habet, sumas impune licebit,
   si dederis nobis, quod tuus hortus habet'.

What condition (it was said) Priapus is borne to the boy,
   Here below will be written on two verses:
“What my garden has, you may accept without punishment,
   if you will have given to us, what your garden has.”

Verse 6

Quod sum ligneus, ut vides, Priapus
et falx lignea ligneusque penis,
prendam te tamen et tenebo prensum
totamque hanc sine fraude, quantacumque est,
tormento citharaque tensiorem
ad costam tibi septimam recondam.

Because I, Priapus, am wooden, as you see,
both a wooden sickle and wooden penis,
I will yet hold you captured, maiden, and possessed
and all this without deceit, of what price so ever it is,
Drawn tighter than a lyre and windlass
I will thrust in you to the seventh rib.