Sunday, February 16, 2014

The 3 Best Writing Resources I Absolutely Love and So Will You!

I went ahead and ran a few pages of my most recent work, my current in-progress short story, through these different tools to see just what information I'd get in return.

1. AutoCrit

This site has a free wizard version, which has a lot of bells and whistles which I had a lot of fun with (but, as with most things free, there are more options you have to pay for). Though, some of my writing mistakes I don't really need to know... I mean, once you know, you spend a lot of time over-thinking every little thing you write. Talk about self-sabotaging, huh? Still, cool.

The feedback:

  • Only 500 words per text selection for guests.
  • I had 14 -ly words, which the program suggested I drop to 8 occurrences.
  • Initial -ing sentence starters - I had four - the program suggested I should have 2.
  • My sentence length variation is good - some seriously long, some incredibly short, all mixed up.
  • One cliche found in this program - "in the open."
  • No redundancies!

2. Word Counter

This site ranks the most frequently used words in a given text. The nice thing about it is that it is free and super easy to use. Just copy and paste your text into the text box, chose a few filters (best deal... don't change anything!), and go! The name is kind of a misnomer, since this program does so much more than just count the words. Heck, word does that!

The feedback:

  • My top five words, with word counts: cock (20), back (14), head (12), hand (9), mouth (8)... since I write erotica, I'm glad these were my top words, not something else like said.

3. Readability (2 different sites, depending on your computer load speed and needs)


Ever wondered how easy or readable someone else, or for that matter, everyone else would find your latest and greatest "All American Novel"? Well, now you don't have to wait for tons of test readers and the public to let you know. This site is extremely helpful for giving the writer a more statistical approach to their writing. The site can take some time to work up a score on your longer works.

The feedback:

  • Well, today, it decided not to load as well as it usually does...

The Readability Test Tool

Same information as above as to its usefulness, however this one doesn't take quite as long to load, has a "Understanding the Results" section, and color-codes your responses - p.s. Green is Good!

The feedback:

  • My Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease is a 80.4 out of 100, basically a 7th grade reading level.
  • I wrote a 131 sentences in this selection, with an average of 14.6 words per sentence.
  • I had a 107 or 5% of my words as complex words.

Got another one to share? I'd love to hear about it!