Friday, February 7, 2014

Kind Words on Erotica from Sherlock Holmes

From the "Dead Clade Walking" episode of Elementary on CBS.

There is also a source they may be able to use – but they only have the letter C from his notes. Sherlock says he and C have intimate correspondence and Joan clarifies that he writes dirty letters with her. Joan asks how his naughty pen pal could help and he says she’s at a high end auction house. They see a woman wearing a scarf he says was described in one of the letters and he goes to her. He asks if he looks as she imagined. She says that it’s hard to say since he’s fully clothed. He tells her she has a rare gift for erotic words. She tells him she doesn’t know much about smugglers but does know one. She says he calls himself “The Magpie” but you can’t contact him. If you have something he needs, he’ll contact you.
This is from a synopsis of the show... I am hoping to find a clip of the conversation as Sherlock says some very nice words about erotica. Pleased me greatly to hear such wonderful things to be said about erotica and erotica writers from a show I greatly enjoy and admire. When I find the clip, I'll let you all know. Until then, watch the full episode here.