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Review for Double Punch

Review of Tilly Greene's Double Punch. You can find it on Amazon for $4.99.

I have already reviewed another of Ms. Greene’s other works Hephaestus Lays Down the Law when I had wanted to read this work instead. The other work was somewhere, in length, between a short story and novella. One of my critiques about it was the short length, so I can’t tell you how happy I was when Ms. Greene offered to let me read her novel-length work, Double Punch. This was a take on the Castor and Pollux myth, but not as a retelling, as a continuation – what happened after they joined the constellations. Unlike Hephaestus, which I loved because it was set in the ancient world and gave a nice look at a rather forgotten god, Double Punch took place in the moderm world of business.

The twins are brought down from the heavens to join the gods at court – Zeus gives them a new task, one he is being made to offer since their mother won’t let him rest (or enjoy her) until its done. The task: find your true love. The reward: immortality. In other words, find your true love in a given time frame and then you won’t have to return to the stars, but can stay as a god on Olympus. Unique idea, though, not the most creative. The storyline is trite, at best. Also trite, of course, the boys waste all but a few weeks sowing their oats and living large as mortals.

Nevertheless, the perfect woman is found for them by a well-meaning Marcus, an employee, who only wants the best for his handsome employers. Anissa enters the story with an interview chock-full of background story. Reads a bit funny for a business interview, but I did get wrapped up in her history and absolutely loved her name, so moved quickly by the oddity.

What happens next is the worse kind of language and bothersome sexual details. I understand the twins are young, rough, handsome, alpha males, but still, their language is shocking and just kind of seems like Ms. Greene is trying way too hard to sound like a man. Also, never in my wildest dreams would I want anyone trying to romance me to use the language these two use while trying to seduce poor Anissa. She seems so kind, so gentle, so much like the perfect girl, the cute girl-next-door, that when she says she likes her sex rough and dirty, I immediately disliked her. Honestly, once the sex started, I had a hard time forcing myself to read on. Don’t misunderstand me – I’m not a prude, I am, after all, writing erotica and I surely don’t mind threesomes, but this got gross very quickly.

Anyways, by the end of the story, I kind of hoped Anissa would come back to her senses and lose these two. She could have really found someone so much better for her than either of the twins. They deserved their fate in the stars, they were easier to love and admire for their loyalty when I didn’t have to know them…

Best parts - the characters of Anissa and Marcus, the buildup to a sweet, erotic romance, and  the relationship between the brothers. Worst parts - the language, the womanizing (not normally so much a part of a romance), and the sex.

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˃˃˃ This is the second part in The Goddess Redemption Series. A Paranormal Romance Erotica.

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The New York Times Book Review Archive is Searchable by Keyword

So, while surfing the Internet, the only kind of surfing I can actually do as it turns out, I stumbled upon a nifty little tool whereby a person, in this case me, can search the New York Times archives of the paper's book reviews by topic or keyword... cool, right?

Well, who would I be if I didn't share this gem of knowledge with my loyal followers and those who just so happen to stumble upon my blog by accident.

This is for you all!

I typed in the keyword: mythology

Enjoy to your heart's content and maybe you'll find some new book to interest you. Bona Fortuna!