Tuesday, January 7, 2014

11 Steps for Writing the Perfect "Sex Scene" in an Erotic Romance

I have read a lot of erotic romance in my life - novels, novellas, short stories, one-shots - and all of them seem to follow the exact same pattern when it comes to writing the first sex scene between the characters. So, in an effort to draw attention to this phenomenon and hopefully inspire a few romance writers to try something new, I've outlined the steps below.

1. Don't start the seducing in the bedroom.

Be it in the front seat of a car, the kitchen against the counters or fridge, the living room on the sofa, in the shower or bathtub, or even in one of the character's cubicle right next to the computer. Wherever the urge strikes. Or better yet, wherever they happen to be when one of the characters has had enough with the charade of reluctance and decides to take a chance on love.

2. Stop everything on the spur of a moment.

Either to move somewhere more comfortable, because one of the characters has come to his/her senses, a gunshot is fired, or a disaster is imminent. Really doesn't matter why they stop, but this is necessary to build suspense for them, their attraction, and the reader to take a deep breath.

3. When the romance renews, it is always in the bedroom.

No mention of the bed sheets until later, after the act is done, or right before the act takes place again later on. So, it is always my assumption, the seduction continues atop the covers. Also, never fails that their a bathroom attached to the bedroom, so I also assume this the location's master bedroom. Somehow, the first sex never seems to occur in the guest room.

4. Someone is going to hesitate in continuing, at least long enough to protest (weakly!).

This seems to occur 50/50 - sometimes its the man who is afraid of taking the relationship to the next level, losing his heart, becoming less of a man, etc. or the woman who is debating whether she should go through with the deflowering of her virginity or her re-entry into sexual longing from a long celibacy. Nearly always, though, the woman is more scared of becoming too attached and letting her true feeling for the man show. The man is more concerned about the woman knowing he is just as big of a girl in the relationship as she is.

5. Clothing is removed.

In this case, it is almost always the woman's first. Usually, the shirt, the pants, the bra. But rarely the panties at this point - clothing does, however, seem to be the most varied step in this exchange. Off it goes quickly, slowly, partially.

6. The kiss.

The following words are compulsory: deep, lick, tease, thrust, taste, moan, passion, hunger, tongue, and nip. Someone, whoever was hesitant above, receives a rather full-blown kiss. There is a pause as one waits for the other, then, the lips part, a tongue gains entrance to the other's mouth, tongues tangle and taste, licking continues, and then, the thrusting starts. Before long, both are without breath.

7. A hand goes wandering.

To a breast, along the ribcage, across a smooth stomach, into a navel, down between the legs. It is a surprise to the receiver and welcomed after a question of whether or not to continue - spoken aloud or internally.

8. His mouth follows.

From her mouth to her temples or chin, always behind the ear, and down the neck. Then to the place where her pulse races, at the juncture of her shoulder and neck. Across the collarbone, and down to the breasts. Sucking, licking, teasing, tonguing, pulling, twisting, nipping, and all sorts of other verbs ensue. The man loves it. The woman arches her back. Sometimes the hand returns to tease one breast as he laves the other. If any endearments are going to be spoken after the kiss, they happen now. Usually between verbs.

9. The hand at last settles.

Over her mound of springy curls, a color always slightly different, either lighter or darker, than the hair on her head, to cup and mold her sex. Invariably, the clitoris is sought and found, then flicked and teased. Other fingers sift, caress, and skim until probing slick folds. These folds are nearly always tight, always grow slicker and wetter, and always cause moans and movement.

10. Oral sex.

The man takes this opportunity and obvious signs of pleasure from the woman to leave her breasts and slide south. If the panties aren't gone yet, they go now. With teeth, slowly, or hands, quickly. Then, the man sits back to look. The woman blushes and usually tries to cover or hide herself. A request or command to watch isn't uncommon. The man then proceeds to slowly lower his mouth, somehow teasingly, to her nether curls and center of his attention from this point forward. The gripping of her thighs is almost always required, for she is not used to this type of attention and moves in either excitement or self-consciousness. Fingers, mouth, lips, tongue, and all manner of warm breath combine to excite and bring her to an orgasm. Or, at least to the peak of her climax. If she doesn't fist her hands in the sheets, run her hands through his hair, or grip his head to hold him there, the writer isn't sure this is the man for her.

11. The thrust home.

The man retreats, though the woman isn't happy about it, and then, with his taste of her on his lips, kisses her as he settles himself and his hard cock in place. More terms of endearment are shared. Passion is again ignited as he slips his cock into her folds, recently swollen and now fully prepared, wetter than ever before, ready to receive him eagerly. The first few forays in are slow, but build quickly. A hand drops down, his or hers, to tease her clitoris. She completes the stroke of his cock with a lift of her hips. The supreme feeling of fulness for both at last reached, emotions abound as does the grinding, slapping, and thrusting. Both reach their orgasms - eyes locked and hearts lost.

The pattern works, for I keep reading these erotic romances and probably will continue to read them until the day I die, but really, now, some creativity here would be refreshing! Just once, I want the man to take her first on her hands and knees, then flip her over on her stomach to ease her to climax, lifting her knees up and taking her hard until he groans and stills with his own release. Not much kissing, but heart-felt words spoken and lots of eye contact.