Thursday, January 2, 2014

Review for Windswept

This review is for Windswept by Katrina Strauss, sold by Amazon for $2.99.

This is a very good novella, definitely longer than some of the other reviewed works in this blog, but not quite as long as what I would consider a novel. I like the premise, though it is not as accurate to the original myth as my own work is intending to be. In Ms. Strauss' version, the gods are alive and well and living it up in the modern world. They even have a Gala of the Gods for which mortals are invited to hang with the god or goddess of their choice. Usually, the invited mortals are not as comely as poor Tempest Rayne, whose name, I must say, though original, is quite the give away here. However, like most romantic comedies, her comeliness does not turn off Aelous, god of the winds, whom she wishes to meet. This novella follows the basic pattern of every other erotic romance out there.... hot guy falls for average girl though they both fight the attraction. Still, if you like the genre, like I do, this is not a problem; in fact, it is kind of expected.

I do have a few suggestions to improve this novella, however. One, dolmas do not use phyllo dough. I know this might seem trite, but it does tend to eat away at me... like I do to those oh, so delicious dolmas. Two, her use of Latin, is flawed. Deliciae is used in Latin more to mean favorite or pet, not lover, as I think she intended. Though, since Aelous was once king with his own harem, this might have been on purpose. Ms. Strauss also uses the phrase "meae parvus dea" to mean "my little goddess." Sorrry, not at all right - should have been mea parva dea. Three, I would have greatly enjoyed a little more build up in the relationship before the kissing and sex. Ms. Strauss mentions that Tempest is a Chemistry and Meterology major, but those interests are never really explained or discussed although that is what draws Aelous to her. While they spent time watching the weather reports and monitors, some light, in-depth banter would have been perfect. In fact, the only skill she describes that Tempest has is welding...

My favorite part of the whole novella, was their visit to the stables of the Aneomi - I loved the description of the winds as pegasi. Perfect, and made me smile ear to ear. The characters' of the winged horses fit the winds personalities wonderfully!

I am going to search out more of Katrina Strauss' work since I did enjoy this story greatly. I do, hope, however, that in her future works, she takes a bit more time with the suspense of a budding romance and a little more attention to the minor details.