Saturday, November 1, 2014

Different Views on NaNoWriMo

Found these a week ago or so. Liked them and here I am sharing them with the world.

Attention, #NaNoWriMo Fans: No One Cares How Your F***ing Novel Is Going

I agree. Which, is one reason I still haven't gone ahead and joined Twitter. I begrudgingly joined Facebook a few years ago, personally, and now, more recently, under my pen name and blog/book series. Though I like meeting new writers, old writers, pros and amateurs and enjoy reading their works, I do not like talking about writing. I find it boring. About as boring as watching someone write. Or, paint dry. Or, water boil. Yup. That kind of boring. Even on author/writing forums, I am more interested in helping folks out with research questions, looking at pretty (and ugly) book covers, and playing cool "word/writing" games than actually reading about someone writing. Ugh.

Just write the damn thing, for gods' sake edit it, then format the sucker. Publish it and I'll read it, maybe.  But, please, don't tell me every little thought which went through your head while you wrote it. Especially, not every little plot and character problem. If you can't figure out how to write the mole from the hole, then don't write the mole into the hole in the first place. Problem solved.

p.s. And, by all means, if another sniveling idiot asks me if I'll read this novel before there is even a novel there to read, I might start smacking people. Hard. With the flat of my palm upon their sweet, pale cheeks.

Better yet, DON'T write that novel

Oh, I loved this article. A deep and sincere love. Yes, I am trying to write. Yes, there are days where I do indeed lock myself up in a room and crank out the needed words for whatever project it is I am currently slogging through...

Right now, I've heard back from Forbidden Fruit on my submission to one of their anthology collections and oh, boy, but do I have a bunch of revising to do as well this November!

But, that has never stopped me from reading. I read constantly. Everywhere. My favorite place? On the toilet while hiding from my husband and dog. I get tons of pages devoured in a single night like that. Which, frequently carries over to the bed and my Kindle. At any given time, I have at least four books in process. I love reading.

More than writing. Hope I never lose that balance.

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