Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Book Covers - Huh?

This is a collection of book covers which have had me go huh? And, not necessarily in a good way. Sometimes in a really bad way... check them out for yourselves!

1. Headless Bodies

Uh? I think something's missing. Like his head. Where is his head? I am seriously concerned for his well-being and not even remotely feeling hot with those abs displayed so predominantly. I mean, what good is a great body if there is no head! Did the wolf eat it?

2. Photoshop Wrongs

No matter how many you make, this still isn't right. Besides, anyone with a Chinese Crested probably isn't into too much handcuff play... they are planning for the World's Ugliest Dog contest. Also, I swear I've actually used that book/glasses combo clip art in a presentation one time. And, lastly, the title doesn't fit with the cover, at all. Unless of course, you are referring to that dog!

Here are some more. Shake in fear, then laugh!

And, before you ask, I too think that woman looks way too much like she's popping out of that one guy's groin. Not to mention, how exactly is she sitting/leaning like that without toppling over?

3. Awkward Appendages

Please, tell me that that thing/arm/grabber on the left hand side of the cover isn't what I think it is. Is it a robot arm? Because that is disturbing. Not erotic, disturbing. Secondly, her bum. Yes, that bum. Does that look weird to you all? How did she get in that position.

And, here we have a weird-ass tail. No, seriously, look! That is bizarre, really bizarre! I only hope this book is about some kind of anthropomorphic alien race. Only then can this cover work at least kinda well.

So, this cover doesn't work. In any way. Where is his head if he's neck is there? If her legs are there, how is her hand down there? And, talking about her hand... where is the rest of her arm... that's a car seat there, somewhere in the corner. So, my biggest question, however, is who thought this looked good enough to go with and what did the other versions look like?

4. Floating Faces

I'd really like to believe that this is in fact a story about a heaven god who loses his corporeal presence and instead has to live the remainder of his immortal life as the heavenly sky. What an idea! But, it isn't and thus I am seriously confused. Since the title is "revenge" and I would have preferred something more like an attack or bloody knife. Additionally, if all this wasn't enough, I am not at all sure the floating face is even a man... those eyes may suggest a wide-eyed ingenue. And, what is with the gray bar along the side and bottom? Makes the cover look incomplete.

And, then there is this one. A large eye, a monstrous eye, just sitting there hanging above and obviously photoshop edited image of a whale's tail in the vast ocean. So much here just makes me cringe.

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