Saturday, August 30, 2014

Free Kindle eBooks on Amazon - August 30, 2014

I forgot about posting yesterday, Friday... I would like to apologize for the overlook. This week just seemed to fly by with incredible speed. So, here a bunch of freebies to make up for my lapse. Enjoy!

Always check price before purchase as cost may have changed.

Ocean of Love (Miami Mermaids, Book 1)

Risk isn't something Marissa does well...her mermaid life depends upon secrecy and well laid plans, not blind dates and mojitos. But when her newest client, Wyatt Herndon walks into her realtor life all thoughts, plans, panties pretty much ignite.

Wyatt needs a broker, not a gorgeous siren to set his fantasies on fire. Sparks fly over dinner from their out-of-control chemistry leaving Marissa and Wyatt ready to combust. During a night of crazy hot passion, they are put on a collision course with destiny.

Convinced he's found his dream girl until she disappears and he uncovers Marissa really is a siren with a closetful of secrets. Does being a mermaid become the ultimate deal breaker, or will Wyatt go after a love that includes finding his soul mate?

Hold onto your hats! Super Hot Erotic Fairy Tale. EXPLICIT CONTENT. Mermaid fantasy written in the fairy tale style of a happy-ever-after and then some.

Excerpt and description taken from Amazon site.

Erotic sex and high octane science fiction adventure on a distant planet.

Caethes is an escaped slave, hiding out in the city, eating what she can steal, sleeping where she falls, and Feasting with whoever is nearby.

Once a day, everyone in the city is overcome by the Feasting, falling into one another’s arms, kissing, massaging, and everything else that follows. It’s an orgiastic party involving the whole population.

Can Caethes evade the police? Can she find a safe haven, or will she be thrown back into the arms of her dominating master?

“Alexis Shore can truly write a smoking hot sex scene,” The Romance Reviews.

Contains mature and graphic content.

Excerpt and description taken from Amazon site.


Cupid sat on a cloud looking down on Valentina Hart. He had been watching her for a few years now. He was in love from the first time he laid eyes on her sitting on a park bench. Her long red hair sweeping across her face as the warm summer breeze blew. He knew then she was meant for him. The only problem was that, he was a God and she was a human. The two of them could never be together.
This wasn’t a law amongst the Gods, it was Cupid’s choice and the number one rule in his book. It was a rule that could never be broken. Humans were frail, mortal, and being in love with one caused too many problematic situations. Sure he could just shoot her with a golden arrow and she would love him. But after his last disastrous mistake for which he never forgave himself, he thought he deserved to be alone for the rest of eternity.

What happens when the God of Love has lost the will to create romance? Can Valentina give Cupid what he needs to mend his broken heart?

Warning: Explicit and graphic sex. For adults only 18+

Excerpt and description taken from Amazon site.

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