Monday, August 18, 2014

Confused by the Comma? - A Cross-Posted Article by R. Reinalda

Confused by the Comma? Here's Your Guide by Rob Reinalda

I leave it here for the world at large to read and re-read. May we all learn the proper place for and use of the comma.

Including yours truly.

Thank you, gods!

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  1. What a snazzy article, Elly! As an editor, I think the 'comma conundrum' is one of the biggest grammatical challenges facing an independent author. They're tricky little buggers, and not every situation is covered by 'hard and fast' rules of grammar. I've found that reading text aloud to see where pauses naturally occur when speaking is a nice trick when you're unsure. Of course, you could always ask an editor. ;)

    Thanks so much for the article, and if its OK with you (and of course I'll check with author), I'll add it to a collection I'm keeping in a section of tools for independent authors when I open my site.

    Happy Punctuating!
    Rachel Verdi
    OddModicum Rachel