Saturday, August 30, 2014

Free Kindle eBooks on Amazon - August 30, 2014

I forgot about posting yesterday, Friday... I would like to apologize for the overlook. This week just seemed to fly by with incredible speed. So, here a bunch of freebies to make up for my lapse. Enjoy!

Always check price before purchase as cost may have changed.

Ocean of Love (Miami Mermaids, Book 1)

Risk isn't something Marissa does well...her mermaid life depends upon secrecy and well laid plans, not blind dates and mojitos. But when her newest client, Wyatt Herndon walks into her realtor life all thoughts, plans, panties pretty much ignite.

Wyatt needs a broker, not a gorgeous siren to set his fantasies on fire. Sparks fly over dinner from their out-of-control chemistry leaving Marissa and Wyatt ready to combust. During a night of crazy hot passion, they are put on a collision course with destiny.

Convinced he's found his dream girl until she disappears and he uncovers Marissa really is a siren with a closetful of secrets. Does being a mermaid become the ultimate deal breaker, or will Wyatt go after a love that includes finding his soul mate?

Hold onto your hats! Super Hot Erotic Fairy Tale. EXPLICIT CONTENT. Mermaid fantasy written in the fairy tale style of a happy-ever-after and then some.

Excerpt and description taken from Amazon site.

Erotic sex and high octane science fiction adventure on a distant planet.

Caethes is an escaped slave, hiding out in the city, eating what she can steal, sleeping where she falls, and Feasting with whoever is nearby.

Once a day, everyone in the city is overcome by the Feasting, falling into one another’s arms, kissing, massaging, and everything else that follows. It’s an orgiastic party involving the whole population.

Can Caethes evade the police? Can she find a safe haven, or will she be thrown back into the arms of her dominating master?

“Alexis Shore can truly write a smoking hot sex scene,” The Romance Reviews.

Contains mature and graphic content.

Excerpt and description taken from Amazon site.


Cupid sat on a cloud looking down on Valentina Hart. He had been watching her for a few years now. He was in love from the first time he laid eyes on her sitting on a park bench. Her long red hair sweeping across her face as the warm summer breeze blew. He knew then she was meant for him. The only problem was that, he was a God and she was a human. The two of them could never be together.
This wasn’t a law amongst the Gods, it was Cupid’s choice and the number one rule in his book. It was a rule that could never be broken. Humans were frail, mortal, and being in love with one caused too many problematic situations. Sure he could just shoot her with a golden arrow and she would love him. But after his last disastrous mistake for which he never forgave himself, he thought he deserved to be alone for the rest of eternity.

What happens when the God of Love has lost the will to create romance? Can Valentina give Cupid what he needs to mend his broken heart?

Warning: Explicit and graphic sex. For adults only 18+

Excerpt and description taken from Amazon site.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Irons in the Fire... An Update on My WIPs

So, I know I have a lot of irons in the fire at the moment and I keep promising new works, well, I have yet another to inform my followers of...

First, other updates:

I've submitted "To the Victor" a short story about the short-lived affair of Apollo and Daphne to Absolute Write for inclusion in a color-centered--in my case GREEN--anthology of erotic works. I hope to hear something within the next few months about acceptance.

Yesterday, I submitted another, slightly longer, short story currently called "Sea Monster" about Glaucus, Circe, and Scylla's love triangle on the shores and islands of the ancient Mediterranean to Forbidden Fruit for consideration in their Divine Desires anthology. They've received my work, so now I am just patiently waiting for the next step - either acceptance and editing or rejection and looking into new options.

I am about to finish, only 3,000 words or so left, the short story I was originally planning to publish with Forbidden Fruit, but now think I'll just publish on my own about Hephaestus and his second wife, Aglaia. The cover is lining up to be the hardest part. I truly can't decide between the following images:

You want to help me decide? Leave a comment on your favorite. The title is "A Lesser Aphrodite."

I have also added the beginnings and first few pages of each story to my collection about (what was planned to be two stories and is now three) mortal women seduced on their wedding nights by both their mortal husbands and some randy gods. I have added Leda to my list of Alcmene and Aethra. Oh, and my favorite part... well, I have one heck of a twist coming regarding Leda and her night of debauchery by Zeus.

Standing over his wife's pulsing body, the scent of her receding orgasm invading his flared nostrils, he reached out and plucked a feather peeking from under her pale, ample hip.
What is this? A swan's feather?" 
Leda's lids peeked open, a blush creeping up her chest and heating her previously flushed cheeks. "Oh gods, Zeus--"

Additionally, I've got the opening "wow!" of a story I am looking forward to writing about Achilles's time in the court of Lycomedes. Hidden by his mother within the king's walls among his inquisitive and yearning daughters, Achilles still can't ignore his raging desire for the sword.

I seduced the daughters with my wonderful tales of imagining, my warrior’s body, and my skill between their legs. I loved them. Loved the way their flesh held my hips, pillowed my head, and welcomed my cock. I spent a year among them, listening to their fantasies and using my gleaned knowledge to bend their wills to my desires. But, I never forgot the spear. I yearned for the spear, the sword, the staff. Seeing Odysseus’s thus displayed, waiting to be acknowledged, waiting to be seized, I could no longer deny my true self. I ignored the jewels, the expensive silks, the perfumed cosmetics. My fingers followed my unwavering gaze and I grasped the weapon that drew me so eagerly.

Odysseus’s bellowing laugh filled the court suddenly, startling the daughters into squeals. The aides which flitted incessantly around the edges of the room, stilled with gasps. The queue of beseechers down the middle of the hall ceased their mumbling and grumbling. Every eye settled on me.

“See there, King Lycomedes, that is no princess you harbor, but a warrior!”

And, let's not forget my two novellas... they are on hold. I have run into some writer's block issues with both and though I keep returning to them, I just can't get from where I am to where I want to be. It is driving me crazy!

Now, onto the new WIP (work in progress):

"Tiresias," my first attempt at an erotic novel. I've decided to write it as I have time in between all my other irons on Goodreads. So far all I have is the prologue. Here is the link to the story. Read it as you like and feel free to leave comments.

I love my followers and readers - here's to another year of writing!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Confused by the Comma? - A Cross-Posted Article by R. Reinalda

Confused by the Comma? Here's Your Guide by Rob Reinalda

I leave it here for the world at large to read and re-read. May we all learn the proper place for and use of the comma.

Including yours truly.

Thank you, gods!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Review for The Spawn of Medusa

The Spawn of Medusa written by Mary Bernsen is available on Amazon for $5.99.

I received this book from a R2R on Goodreads. R2R stands for Read to Review, meaning the author gave me a free copy of the book for my honest review. Since I only chose R2R books which appeal to me and/or deal with romantic and erotic mythology, I figure I'd might as well write my reviews down here as well as on Goodreads. It is the least I can do to help out some other authors.

So, here is what I posted to Goodreads:

Initially, I thought this was going to be a far more dark book than it turned out to be... which, for me at least, was a great thing! Authors writing about mythology usually choose to go either the romantic-action route or the twisted-horror route. Since the book title included "Spawn" I was pretty sure this was going to fall into the twisted-horror genre. It didn't. It is a beautiful story of finding love and rebuilding a family. What a wonderful surprise!

This is a unique take on the story of Medusa. Believe me when I say you won't see the ending coming! 

Now, for some more in-depth discussions. I love mythology and really enjoy it when an author knows her stories, beyond just the everyday, and has obviously done more than the average research. Ms. Bernsen has. She pulled information from a variety of sources and I was impressed with her knowledge of Perseus' story and Medusa's effects/creations following her demise. Very cool.

However, with that said, the only reason I did not give this novel five stars were a few small details that continually irked me. For all of the author's research, she missed some other pertinent facts beyond Medusa and Perseus:
1) Greeks did not wear trousers.
2) The Romans were not around yet, nor was Rome even founded, at this time in history.
3) Hercules was the great grandson of Perseus's and though they were technically brothers, that dynamic grossed me out.
4) Surprisingly large number of editing and formatting errors which were obnoxious.

I would highly recommend this book to any lover of Greek mythology. It was a well-written, quick moving story full of action, adventure, girl-power, and love. Beyond all, the search for love shall never give up and never fail.

I would like to expand a bit more here, if that's all right with my readers...

The story of Medusa has never really been my favorite, as far as most mythologies and authors take it, putting the focus on Medusa and Perseus. Her "children", if mentioned at all, are usually only discussed in passing. But, that is where I was always most interested. I mean, seriously, how does a woman, once beautiful, now a serpent-corpse monster, bear two children so different, after her beheading? Chrysaor, the literal golden boy, and Pegasus, a flying horse? Ok, the horse I can kind of see. Poseidon, after all, was god of the sea and his animal was often identified as a horse.

Side note: Poseidon: shaker of the earth... Trojan horse... What if the Trojan horse which crumbled the walls of Troy was really no more than an earthquake?

Back to the review: So, imagine my surprise when an author takes on this inconsistency with the Medusa myth and makes Chrysaor a liar and the real child, a daughter. Now, that is awesome! This is exactly what Ms. Bernsen does. And, in doing so, she sets in motion quite an exciting tale of what it means to love, protect, and forgive family. She also introduces a side of Perseus, and Hercules, that I found refreshing and unique.

I did have some problems with some of her choices and some of the research she did, four laid out above. The one I would like to expand on is the choice of her characters and her questionable understanding of linear time.

Perseus was the grandfather of Hercules and although they are technically brothers, they aren't really. Secondly, if Perseus were a young man, about 18 or so years old, at the time he was sent off on his quest to bring back the head of Medusa. Then, when he found her daughter as an infant, it would imply he's quite a bit older than her when they meet and fall in love. So, either Perseus still looks young for his age or she's very attracted to older men... And, lastly, Athena... uh, that part was weird. When does she pick up Leprechauns to serve her every whim?

Anyways, despite my issues, I would strongly recommend this book for lovers of mythology. It is a sweet romance with a focus on family. Enjoyable read!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Collection of Reviews for Free Shorts

Seducing the Siren by Dionysia Devereaux - available free from Smashwords and $2.99 at Amazon.

May I start off admitting I love the author's name? I sincerely hope it is her real one as I would love to one day meet in the real world a woman named Dionysia. Such beauty and freedom expressed in that simple name. Not to mention the many nickname opportunities.

Ok, enough of that, here's what I thought of the story:

I thought I knew what I was getting myself into when I started reading this book. Along with my understanding of sirens, who and what they are, and the cover of the book, I was certain the woman we are seeing looking out into the frothy waves was the siren. Little did I realize what I was actually reading. 

This story is a lesbian tale of what would have happened had Shakespeare's The Twelfth Night occurred in the Mediterranean during the age of sirens. A woman, dressed as a boy, and working on a fishing vessel, is saved because of her gender, from the seducing songs of ravenous, literally man-eating sirens which also happen to be grotesque versions of how I always viewed them. I was amazed and slightly frightened by the author's take on the classically understood myth.

Included within these pages are tons of erotic, lesbian sex, including tentacle play and some rather vivid oral ministrations. Well-written and very graphic. I am very pleased I happened upon this tale! Worth reading for sure.

My Inner Goddess 1: Lightning Bolt by Wanda Sasparella - available free from Smashwords and $1.99 at Amazon.

I'm going to just jump right out here and start off by saying that I am pretty sure this name is a pseudonym as I swear the author pulled it directly out of an old "School House Rock" song about pronouns. See the video below:

Tell me I'm crazy, right?

Now, onto the actual review...

This is more of a prequel than a stand-alone story. But, as a story, it does an admirable job. I will start off by saying I figured out the story within the first few pages and wasn't disappointed. For a reader not as well-versed in Greek mythology, the story may contain more of a surprise at the ending.

I enjoyed the beginning, but felt that the story lacked coherent development throughout. The main character spends a lot of time bemoaning her luck, bad boyfriend, lack of confidence, whatever, and her fear and disappointment at having to return home--unsuccessful-to her father. What I never got and what I really wanted, was more information on the how and why. I wanted the backstory and never got it! 

The sex is good, however, I've never been a fare of strangers-on-a-train and oops, public sex... seemed like she was just getting some because she wanted to. Or, because the author wanted her to. Anyways, I felt this story could have benefitted a great deal from more plot and character development. Perhaps the author should have treated this prequel as a novel in and of itself.

To Teach an Ancient God by Sapphire Phelan - available free from All Romance EBooks.

I want to start off by saying I had initially collected four more short stories to review in this spot, but all of the others were pathetic plotted, less than 2,000 words, or so poorly written I had a very difficult time thinking of anything positive to say. So, my first order of business to offer kudos to Ms. Phelan. She managed to rise above the others and stand out.

This is not a work of erotica, nor, really, can I claim it is a work of romance. I would consider this piece somewhere between flash fiction and a short story. It leaves much behind, but still got my interest peaked and my heart going "Aww..." The tale of Hades & Persephone seems to be one of those that just asks for romance and erotica writers to take a stab at. And, this story is nothing new per se. It takes place in modern times with a woman who has been reborn as Persephone. Hades has waited eons (the author repeatedly puts the time lapse at about 1,000 years, but that would make absolutely no sense at all!) for her to come back. So, (and this is what the author left out and could have expanded into quite a nice short story) he works his "magic", twists fate, and has her end up at "her" perfect home from whence he once again kidnaps her. This time, it does end better (i.e. Persephone isn't pissed nor does she turn away the food of the Underworld), but not much else has changed. The ancient god, in the title, is Hades. What he's taught? You'll have to read.

I wish the author had taken more time to flesh this tale out. Her version, though not unique, does offer some exciting possibilities. And, a better cover... I'm sorry but this one does nothing for me!

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2014 Sex Scene Championship... A "March Madness" of Eroticism

The 2014 Sex Scene Championship starts tomorrow over at Scorching Book Reviews!

Each day, through the month of August, you will have the opportunity to vote for two sex scenes chosen from your favorite authors. Each scene is chosen from one of their current works. All kinds of scenes are included, so you are sure to find something of interest to you. (Note: I am NOT part of this, I just think this is a great idea.)

From the most recent post:
It has been described as the March madness of sex scene events…. 
There will be the usual prizes, the usual plethora of reader related gifts but this time we are bigger…. much, much bigger.
So, I am about to release the first round dates. This time round, there will be two rounds released per day. This is because there are 64 authors involved. All of the first time round votes are open for 48 hours. After this time, you will be unable to vote and the winner will be calculated and they will progress to the next round.
There is even a bracket, just like March Madness, for you to mark your choices. Good luck readers and authors!

By the way, I love the logo/graphic. I think I might co-op the idea of the footprints for my own use... not sure how, but I like the subtlety and eroticism of the image.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Gay Men Draw Vaginas

This is just cool, pretty, hilarious, or totally gross...your choice. It has nothing to do with mythology or erotica (per se), but I found it interesting to see what men (yes, gay ones) think of our lady parts. Would be really neat to have lesbians illustrate the male anatomy, too.

The collection on Instagram...

Here are some of my personal favorites:

Now, apparently, the collectors of these drawings/artistic representations are looking to put these images into a "coffee table" book to sell as the perfect gift. Not sure how I feel about this as a gift... the audience is questionable - father, mother-in-law, best friend? But, let's say you are interested in the book idea, well, there is a Kickstarter in progress looking for donations.

Friday, August 1, 2014

KDP Pricing Support - An Experiment in Sales and Profits

Kindle Direct Publishing, the independent writer's method of formatting and downloading their ebooks to Kindle, has recently opened a new tool (in its Beta state) called Pricing Support. Basically, the program searched historical sales records of similar books to a specific title to find the "ideal" pricing spot to sell the most books for the highest author profits.

Playing around with it, here's what I determined:

A Night Alone, currently published at $1.99 would sell more ebooks at $0.99, but I would make more profit selling it at $2.99. [For the sake of this experiment, I am going to set this ebook at $0.99 and see if I sell more as the diagram suggests.]

The Cup Bearer: and other stories, currently published at $2.99 has the same graphic as the one above, suggesting that I am maxing my profits at this price. [However, I still have relatively few sales. For this experiment, then, I am going to lower the price to $1.99 and see if I make more sales.]

On the Hunt: Hyacinth and Callisto, both currently available on Amazon at $0.99 and elsewhere for free appear to use the same graph as the other books, leading me to wonder at the honesty of this tool. But, their chart suggests a 165% increase in profits if I raise the prices of these two ebooks to $2.99. [Let's try it!]

I'm interested in what effect these changes will have on my sales and profits, so for the next two months, August-September 2014, I am going to change my the prices of my ebooks to what the Pricing Support app suggests at different points along the graph and see what happens.

I am going to keep my prices the same, as they are already set, on Smashwords and all of those affiliations, for the length of this experiment. If, as a new reader, who purchased one of the books at a price higher than I have it listed anywhere else, you stumble upon this post, I apologize. You are a guinea pig. If you feel like you were cheated of money due to the discrepancy between competing sites, I am very sorry. I will offer you, as compensation, one of my other ebooks for free in your format of choice. All you have to do is send me (via email at a screen shot of your purchase order with the date the ebook was purchased and the title. I will take care of the rest.

Finally, I am a little curious to see whether or not Amazon's price checker will kick in and lower any of the ebook prices to match the other sites during the test months.

So, here's to the scientific method!