Sunday, July 13, 2014

"Love" Stories from Greek Mythology

Picture and article excerpt copyright to George O'Connor

Imagine my surprise when I found this comic page along with a very interesting and well-written/researched article at I must say, I'm definitely interested in this man's mythology-related comic books. Perhaps I could convince him to turn some of my mythology erotica into comic books... how cool would that be?

Additionally, I like this final quote in his article:
I did a little reading and, sure enough, on Achille’s father’s side, his great great great grandmother was seduced by Zeus... as an ant. I can’t even imagine the logistics of this act, and my knowledge of the story doesn’t go much beyond what I just recounted, so I‘ll just leave you with this stub.
And it got me thinking... mayhap I should write a "taboo" collection of short stories about animals and women/men of mythology (and, at least one story about water sports). I already have a few suggestions:

Leda and the Swan
Pasiphae and the Bull
Danae and the Golden Rain


What do you all think?

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