Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Collection of Google-searched Finds

Some Facts
I didn't even know one of these! Can you guess which one I didn't know?

Read through it and I'm not sure I really believe some of it. In fact, I'm pretty sure the authors skimmed some of the readings they listed and just picked out the most obscure facts. Additionally, at this point in time, using sources published in 1933, seems a little ridiculous as I'm sure there are more recent resources available with updated information. But, the parts that don't sound far-fetched - Zeus with a womb in his penis? - do include some good information for the casual interested party.

An Unforgettable Ride

Not a bad fan-fiction story. Not the most unique either, but I was entertained. Like her view of the gods and goddesses and she can definitely write good, funny dialogue. This is a short story, about 4,500 words long, and good enough to risk a few minutes reading on. Go ahead, enjoy!

Interesting Picture of Norse Mythology's Idea of the World
(I know it's not Greek or Roman related, but this is one heck of a beautiful picture!)

Map of World Mythology

This is just plain awesome - click on it to enlarge it on your screen. This is not to be missed! I spent a good fifteen minutes studying it and loving the creator with a truly unnatural desire.

This fella knows his stuff. Well, he's a little off... but still within the understood confines of the mythology stories he's choosing. This is part one of an ongoing series he publishes on Imgur (he has four parts at present), so if you like this link, check out his others.

By the way, the way I tell the Hercules and Cercopes story is that his "black butt" was the cause of a nap under the noon day sun. The lion's cloak works great, but falls short of his "assets" and thus caused a rather embarassing sunburn in a rather delicate location. Either way, the story is still hysterical!

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