Tuesday, June 17, 2014

When a title doesn't come...

Usually, I have a pretty good idea within a page or two, about 1,000 words, of what the title of my next short story or book should be.

Not so, in this case. Here's the premise:

Two stories in one.

Aethra, mother of Theseus, loves to swim. She goes down to the beach each day and floats on in the soothing water. Poseidon has admired her for months. One afternoon, he takes advantage, seducing her on the sand. She returns home to find her father has promised her to a suitor. They marry that evening and enjoy the wedding night together. In the morning, he's gone. Eight months later she gives birth to a son, but whose?

Alcmene, mother of Hercules, send her husband off on a revenge-killing for her before she'll consummate their marriage. The night he returns victorious, Zeus disguises himself as her husband and takes her roughly, after being put off for so long. He drops the disguise in the throes of passion and she knows what has happened. Later, her real husband joins her in bed and eagerly accepts her apology, not to mention her gratitude. Eight months later (or a little longer!), she gives birth to twins. Which son belongs to whom?

I like the idea of this "double" feature, in more ways than one, but haven't got a single idea for the title. Already started writing it, getting very into it, and...


So, readers, here is what I'd like you all to do - help me pick one of the options below OR suggest your own.

Possible title options:

Bridal Nights
Stolen Vows
Twice Seduced
Lovers in a Night
Conception of a Hero
A Tale of Princesses
Between Olympus and the Sea
Seduced by a God
Heroic Conception
Promised to Another
Taken by a God
The Marriage Bed

Additionally, if you'd like to have some fun and it's raining outside, check out the Lulu Titlescorer.

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