Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sneak Peek at Upcoming Works

Short Stories:

A Night Alone - about Nyx and Erebus (with a little of the Creation story thrown in for good measure)

"The first sexual union of the universe was my fault. It was also my pleasure. A lot of pleasure. Erebus was a master of foreplay. His tongue and fingers performed miracles on my skin and inside my body. He knew when to push and when to retreat and exactly how to keep me teetering on the edge until I begged for release. He was also a masterful lover. The way he tilted his hips, that special little swivel and his final, powerful stroke to the finish line. He struck my very depths and sent shockwaves of ecstasy coursing through my veins. Every moment I could steal away with him, I did. In the blackness of the world’s creation, we alone found enlightenment."

Bridal Nights (working title) - a double feature, in more ways than one, about Aethra and Alcmene


Reflections - Echo and Narcissus (the one that started this all!)
The Pomegranate - Hades and Persephone (you'll be pleasantly surprised)
Role Models (working title) - a look at two different brides, their wedding days, and the war... an interesting and erotic look at the lives of Hippodamia (Lapith bride) and Hylonome (female centaur)


Perspectives (working title) - Tiresias and his experiences as a woman and a man

Honestly, I can't wait to get started on this one. I've already mapped out the plot and flow. This is a story I have desperately wanted to write for quite a while now and I hope it goes as well as I want it to.

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