Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Review for Seeds: Volume Two

Here is my review of Seeds: Volume One.

Available on Amazon for $4.99.

I'd like to start by saying that I, again, appreciate the thoroughness of Ms. Kin's research and attention to detail. This volume picks up at the exact moment the previous volume ends. And from there she proceeds to cover each and every day of Persephone's life in the Underworld. Which, I'll admit sounds a little boring, but where, in the first volume there is a bit of drag, here there is so much going on it reads incredibly quick. One minute, I had 5 hours of reading remaining (thank you Kindle for that little tidbit of information) and then the next, I had two hours. A day later, I looked down and saw only 30 minutes left. Where had the time gone! :)

What follows is a list of what I enjoyed the most:

Her depiction of and in-depth report on every aspect of Hades' kingdom. Almost like reading a traveler's guide to the Underworld, I was hooked on every new place Hades showed Persephone. I'm afraid I was a bit more excited about her discoveries than she was. Incredibly well-written and thoroughly imagined. Kampe was a sincere delight!

Secondly, Persephone's discovery, along with the reader's, of all of Hades talents made the mythology purist in me very happy. So many folks think of him as only the God of the Underworld, when in reality, he was so much more. Although, there is a scene involving a kilt... [Author's Note: regarding my last mention of his boots, Ms. Kin told me she chose to give Hades some unique clothing options because, as God of the Underworld, she felt he would have access to more cultures.]

When Persephone at last meets her father in the Underworld you will cry - fair warning now. Ms. Kin does an excellent job of imagining the encounter. In this one scene, you see more of Persephone's maturity and fits for the role of Queen than in any other part of this volume or the first one. Wonderful writing!

The sex scenes, assuming you can accept the premise of him being her uncle and he DID kidnap her and IS holding her hostage as an okay thing to do [Since this is mythology, I'm a more accepting of it inherently (Hell, I have a brother and sister getting it on in my next published work!)] then I can tell you, you are in for a treat. Ms. Kin handles the budding sexual tension well and writes a sensual erotic scene with flair.

I am curious to see how Ms. Kin will eventually tie in a few of the side stories she introduced in Volume One (Perseus' myth and the eventual birth of Hercules?) and now in Two (a random crying baby with what I assume may be colic?). I have high hopes for Volume Three to tie this massive undertaking in a neat little bundle of interlocking myths. I have a few questions hanging over from One and now have about three from Two.

I will end this review with a caveat:

Ms. Kin takes it to heart to cover every defining moment of Persephone's blossoming, from child-adult to woman, including a rather graphic scene in which Persephone discovers her monthly bleeding. I understand completely why Ms. Kin felt it necessary to include this scene. However, for some readers, this part may be a little too much.

If you enjoy a well-formed and fleshed out fantasy novel and/or a unique retelling of a rather well-known Greek myth, then this series is for you. Previous mythology knowledge is not a requirement.

Onto reading Seeds: Volume Three...

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