Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Is Nudity (or Erotica) Too Taboo?

NatGeo's Taboo: Nudity... a look at nudity and human nakedness in the modern world, across cultures. I found this at a rather interesting time. Amazon.com is at it once again, deciding for its consumers what they should and should not be reading. If nothing else, an episode like this should open the minds of those close-minded fools who believe that one person or one company (yes, I realize the company can pretty much do whatever it wants, since it is its own company) has the right to make a world-wide decision (as the major retailer and biggest name book warehouse in the world) for all its consumers... even such as these proud folks. Why not let sales drive what consumers do and do not want to read. If the world finds certain works too taboo or too distasteful, those works will not sell well. If a work, instead, is selling well then accept it: the world likes walking the line between taboos.

Putting an age limit on literature is, however, a rather smart decision. Smashwords does it and other retailers have a version of the same. Adult filtering searches is a wise move; adult filtering top selling lists, is not. Reward the writers who can tap into the world's desires.... whatever they may be. Though, with Amazon taking that step, I fear there may be unintended consequences. With Amazon in control, there usually is.

Just my two cents. Take it as you will.

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