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The Gladiator

A beautiful young woman has a midnight tryst with a champion of the arena. He was almost too much for her...

Excerpt and description taken from Smashwords site.

The Gladiator's Girl

Rue, a slave girl in an ancient Roman ludus, has been searching for love all her life. Her mistress often gives her to victorious gladiators for pleasure at their school as a reward for competence in the arena. But Rue has only experienced cruelty from men until she meets Ducius, a muscled and handsome gladiator who relishes their love and revives Rue's wilting spirit. He treats her gently and nurtures her, and Rue begins to believe in the future again.Their relationship grows ever deeper each time they come together. But the shadow of death haunts them whenever Ducius sets foot upon the sands of the arena, and Rue is certain she will never escape the bonds of slavery. They both search for a path to permanent happiness, a path that can only be determined by their master.

Excerpt and description taken from Smashwords site.

Newlywed eighteen year old Myra finds herself in dire straits: her father has just died, their farm is about to be claimed by ruthless creditors, her brother is gravely ill... Myra is prepared to do what it takes to rescue those she loves. But when she is faced with the first steps of her journey to become the Emperor’s new concubine, Myra discovers she might have started down a path that will ultimately claim her very soul.

Taken by Rome is an erotic romance intended for MATURE audiences (18 years or older). PLEASE STAY AWAY IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY SEXUALLY EXPLICIT EROTIC SITUATIONS!

Excerpt and description taken from Smashwords site.

Britannia: Book One (there are more titles in this series...)

Maia and her step-brother Cilo were raised in an opulent but isolated villa in the Seine Valley. At fifteen Cilo escaped to the army in Britannia, leaving Maia alone and afraid.

Lucius, Luc, is commander of an auxiliary cavalry unit of Legio XX, Valeria Victrix. The son of a Caledonian mercenary who joined Rome, he and his four brothers are soldiers of renowned ability and bravery. At twenty-five he has served ten years, has another fifteen to serve, and has had enough of killing. Exhausted and battle fatigued after the brutal AD77 Cambrian campaign, he has been weighing up his chances of survival as a deserter.

As a matter of convenience, Maia is married off to her stepbrother, and once again abandoned when he returns to his post. Seizing her one chance to escape, she joins an exclusive group of travelling prostitutes on their way to Britannia. With them, she finds herself moving through a complex web of lies and deceptions, where everyone knows more than they will say and everyone she meets has their own agenda.

If she can trust Lucius, he will take her to her husband. But everything she knows about the world will change -- if she can survive the journey.

Excerpt and description taken from Smashwords site.

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