Monday, April 14, 2014

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Surrendered to the Satyr

Three college girls vacationing in Greece witness their island paradise shift to something more sinister when they are kidnapped to be sacrificed to a pagan god.

"The man looked like a fine work of art, like he was cut from stone. No. This was more than a man. Curved, tough horns jutted in an arc off the crown of his head. His lithe thighs tapered into coarse black haired goat legs. This was a god, and a monster."

This work contains references to sex, and for some of these references the consent is dubious. All characters in this work are aged 18 and over. This work is intended for Adults only.

Excerpt and description taken from Amazon site.

Darien is devastatingly handsome, skilled in the bedroom and gives pleasure like no-one on earth. The trouble is his other side. The satyr-side. If he doesn’t keep it hidden he’ll lose his freedom but passion brings it out. Especially his passion for Minty. After all, she’s the one who called him across the centuries. And he has something for her. A magical, sensual experience - the satyr’s gift.

Excerpt and description taken from Smashwords site.

Andrea & Morpheus follows the farm girl Andrea as she seeks the meaning of a reoccurring dream. Visiting the village wise woman she encounters a way of life she hadn't thought of before. Given the means to enter her dream scape she must encounter and come to terms with Morpheus the god of dreams.

Excerpt and description taken from Smashwords.

No one can hide what the mighty Zeus desires! He comes to Danaë in the form of a rain shower, peeling her clothing off with watery tendrils. The touch of the warm rain is like a thousand soft lips, and it leaves her skin tingling in its trail. Under stormy skies, Zeus claims what a king tried to conceal! Experience the glory of Greece in this sizzling tale of love and lust!

Excerpt and description taken from Smashwords.

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