Friday, March 7, 2014

Review for Ain't Myth-Behaving

Although mythology related, neither of the two novellas included in this collection had much to do with Roman or Greek gods - however, Bacchus/Dionysis is mentioned in one - instead, focusing on the Norse and Celtic gods.

I have loved Katie Macalister's books in the past. They are good, quick reads, predictable, and romantic. Also highly creative and witty. This one, Ain't Myth-Behaving (by the way, awesome title!), is a collection of two novellas - Stag Party and Norse Truly. I got my copy at a used bookstore, but you can find it on Amazon, for the Kindle, for $6.64.

Of the two stories, I liked the first one, Stag Party, better because it was very entertaining. A god with a good sense of humor, humbleness, fear, gracelessness, and a wildly eccentric group of people around him. I mean, who wouldn't love to have their own group of crazy Neo-Druids haunting their every step? Not to mention, a steward who thinks nothing of mumbling under his breath and cursing your and his very existence? Or, for that matter a cheating, pregnant ex-wife who wants back into your immortal life? Just plain wonderful. Ms. Macalister at her best!

The second story is actually the most "historic" of the two, assuming you believe myths are real or were real. I like it because of Ms. Macalister's mix of mythology fact and her created fiction. Also, the woman in this story was far more believable and realistic than the other woman, who at times seemed a little too convenient and forgiving. Norse Truly also takes a look at what it means to sacrifice for a lover is a meaningful and emotional way. You may want to have some tissues on hand for the ending - happy and sad all rolled together! Touching, yes!

Neither story is full of explicit sex, but the sex is hot and open for much imagining.

So, let's say you want some fun, quick, well-written ideas for a trip to the beach this summer... check this one out! Well worth it!

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