Friday, March 14, 2014

Priapea - Verses of Priapus, in translation (by Elise Green)

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Verse 7

Cum loquor, una mihi peccatur littera; nam te
   pe-dico semper blaesaque lingua mihi est.

When I speak, one letter is done me wrong;
   for I always pe-dico you and for me is a lisping tongue.

[note: when trying to say “I announce” instead he says, “I sodomize.”]

Verse 8

Matronae procul hinc abite castae:
turpe est vos legere impudica verba.-
non assis faciunt euntque recta:
nimirum sapiunt videntque magnam
matronae quoque mentulam libenter.

Go far away from here, chaste wives:
It is indecent to read these carnal words.
They care not a cent and pass by directly:
Without a doubt these women, too, sense
and consider an engorged cock with pleasure.

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