Friday, March 21, 2014

Beware the Dialogue!

I stink at writing dialogue!

Truly, I do. It has already been a down-fall of mine. One, I work hard to remedy, yet never can seem to. Kind of like my problem with drawing the body of a horse (I mean it, I draw a mean horse head, always have) or drawing the hands of a person (all my people seem to end up with their hands behind their back or in pockets). Though, with my drawing, I don't really try to get better... I'm happy I have any skill there at all!

It has been suggested that I suck because:
1) I don't talk much anyways and usually not in a conversation.
2) I speak too grammatically correct as it is and don't really grasp the concept of colloquialism.
3) I don't listen while other speak.
4) I try too hard.

I'll give you all of those, indeed this is me, however, that doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to write a good dialogue. They say that to write well, you must read well. Well, I read a lot of books and all of them have dialogue. So, it would seem the more I read dialogue, the better I should write it. Yet, still... I suck.

Perhaps, I don't truly get into my characters, I see them, I mold them, but I don't become them, and that is why I stink. I find my characters non-verbal creations for me to use, me, a non-verbal denizen of this modern world?

Anyways, why ever it is I can't write dialogue, I've taken it upon myself to improve.

In the next month, I am going to carry around a dialogue diary and write down what I hear, what sounds good, what makes me laugh, etc. And, then, I'm going to try and use some of my eavesdroppings in my next work. See if I can't make realism and readability of my dialogue's better.

Any of you readers got some suggestions? I would appreciate it!

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