Saturday, March 29, 2014

Gaga's New G.U.Y. Video

My blog has it's own anthem! Don't believe me, well, check out Lady Gaga's newest music video. Basically, this is erotic dancing about mythology definitely for the bedroom - a good session of hot, hot sex, just seems to scream at you (but, that's almost true of most of her videos, isn't it?). I would imagine Aphrodite's palace to look no less dramatic or stylish. And, Eros in the clouds, well, dare I say, I think the Eros from the Versace commercial should have been recast. This dude looks too Californian beach bum for me. I have always enjoyed Lady Gaga's music and am glad to see she's reaching such mythological heights in her career! You all enjoy!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Review for A Date of Godlike Proportions

This review is for A Date of Godlike Proportions, novella 2.5, in a three book trilogy, written by Tellulah Darling. It can be found online at Amazon for $0.99.

So, I should start by admitting I haven't read any of the rest of this trilogy. However, I am seriously considering looking into them. I am curious as to how this novella fit into the rest of the series. I admire Ms. Darling for her adherence to the purpose of this novella - it is obviously meant to be read after the first and second books already have been, maybe or maybe not read before the third book. Ms. Darling spends no time on filling in the reader on what has already happened. She doesn't waste time on recapping things, as a reader, of this series, you should know. Perfect... I hate it when authors do that.

However, with that all said, I was a tad confused. But, by the end, I was feeling far more curious and excited than overwhelming lost.

I like the premise Ms. Darling has set up - the "reincarnation" of the gods and some of the titans from Greek mythology into the bodies of young adults. Definitely a disaster waiting to happen. A more grown-up look at what the Percy Jackson books only hinted at. Not to mention Ms. Darling's take on homosexuality, especially for the young adults, just stepping out into the world and on their own. She handles the situation with maturity and realism - very special.

I don't know about how much explicit sex the whole series might contain, but this little novella was a welcome break from the full explicitness of most books I review. The author hinted at the romance and eroticism without taking the reader all the way there. Well done.

Take my suggestion and look at the whole series, this novella promises goodness to come.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Free Kindle eBooks on Amazon - March 25, 2014

Always check price before purchase as cost may have changed.

Erotic Mythology: Vol One

Come enter the forgotten world of Greek Gods and Goddess, of creatures of myth and beasts of legend. Divulge in their realm of vanity and sin, of power and lust, and all the treasures in-between.

Seduction Of Medusa
Cursed by the Goddess Athena for a sin not of her own making, Medusa is held captive in an ancient protected temple for the solo sexual amusement of her captor. But the sins of the past have found a way to get to her for retribution against Athena. Will Medusa fall into the endless game of the gods, or will she see the game for what it is in time?

Lust Of A Minotaur
For centuries, the Kings of Crete had kept secret the beast that resided deep within the mountainside. Sacrifices and offerings were made to keep the creature content within its ancient warren; for too long, the threat had been diminished and the offerings too few to sedate its lustful hunger.
For the first time in over a century, the Minotaur climbed forth from its twisted labyrinth and plunders the city of Crete for what it most desires. But will the prize submit to the Minotaur’s needs?

Excerpt and description taken from Amazon site.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Beware the Dialogue!

I stink at writing dialogue!

Truly, I do. It has already been a down-fall of mine. One, I work hard to remedy, yet never can seem to. Kind of like my problem with drawing the body of a horse (I mean it, I draw a mean horse head, always have) or drawing the hands of a person (all my people seem to end up with their hands behind their back or in pockets). Though, with my drawing, I don't really try to get better... I'm happy I have any skill there at all!

It has been suggested that I suck because:
1) I don't talk much anyways and usually not in a conversation.
2) I speak too grammatically correct as it is and don't really grasp the concept of colloquialism.
3) I don't listen while other speak.
4) I try too hard.

I'll give you all of those, indeed this is me, however, that doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to write a good dialogue. They say that to write well, you must read well. Well, I read a lot of books and all of them have dialogue. So, it would seem the more I read dialogue, the better I should write it. Yet, still... I suck.

Perhaps, I don't truly get into my characters, I see them, I mold them, but I don't become them, and that is why I stink. I find my characters non-verbal creations for me to use, me, a non-verbal denizen of this modern world?

Anyways, why ever it is I can't write dialogue, I've taken it upon myself to improve.

In the next month, I am going to carry around a dialogue diary and write down what I hear, what sounds good, what makes me laugh, etc. And, then, I'm going to try and use some of my eavesdroppings in my next work. See if I can't make realism and readability of my dialogue's better.

Any of you readers got some suggestions? I would appreciate it!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Priapea - Verses of Priapus, in translation (by Elise Green)

Disclaimer: The author holds exclusive rights to this work. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.

Verse 7

Cum loquor, una mihi peccatur littera; nam te
   pe-dico semper blaesaque lingua mihi est.

When I speak, one letter is done me wrong;
   for I always pe-dico you and for me is a lisping tongue.

[note: when trying to say “I announce” instead he says, “I sodomize.”]

Verse 8

Matronae procul hinc abite castae:
turpe est vos legere impudica verba.-
non assis faciunt euntque recta:
nimirum sapiunt videntque magnam
matronae quoque mentulam libenter.

Go far away from here, chaste wives:
It is indecent to read these carnal words.
They care not a cent and pass by directly:
Without a doubt these women, too, sense
and consider an engorged cock with pleasure.

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Three Character Types You'll See in Every (Fill-in-the-Blank)

I need to sit down and write a blog post about something like this regarding the character types you see in every single Emperor-based movie, mythology-related movie, and/or every Roman-in-Britain movie. Because, you see, when you've watched one, you've actually seen them all.

That's a good blog post I linked to, up there, so go check it out.

Review for Ain't Myth-Behaving

Although mythology related, neither of the two novellas included in this collection had much to do with Roman or Greek gods - however, Bacchus/Dionysis is mentioned in one - instead, focusing on the Norse and Celtic gods.

I have loved Katie Macalister's books in the past. They are good, quick reads, predictable, and romantic. Also highly creative and witty. This one, Ain't Myth-Behaving (by the way, awesome title!), is a collection of two novellas - Stag Party and Norse Truly. I got my copy at a used bookstore, but you can find it on Amazon, for the Kindle, for $6.64.

Of the two stories, I liked the first one, Stag Party, better because it was very entertaining. A god with a good sense of humor, humbleness, fear, gracelessness, and a wildly eccentric group of people around him. I mean, who wouldn't love to have their own group of crazy Neo-Druids haunting their every step? Not to mention, a steward who thinks nothing of mumbling under his breath and cursing your and his very existence? Or, for that matter a cheating, pregnant ex-wife who wants back into your immortal life? Just plain wonderful. Ms. Macalister at her best!

The second story is actually the most "historic" of the two, assuming you believe myths are real or were real. I like it because of Ms. Macalister's mix of mythology fact and her created fiction. Also, the woman in this story was far more believable and realistic than the other woman, who at times seemed a little too convenient and forgiving. Norse Truly also takes a look at what it means to sacrifice for a lover is a meaningful and emotional way. You may want to have some tissues on hand for the ending - happy and sad all rolled together! Touching, yes!

Neither story is full of explicit sex, but the sex is hot and open for much imagining.

So, let's say you want some fun, quick, well-written ideas for a trip to the beach this summer... check this one out! Well worth it!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


The title says it all. Here is the link to the information page with all the pertinent details.

I'm giving away a real-life, paper-bound book, so hurry up and enter.

Deadline to enter is the end of April - this gives you a little less than 60 days... and counting!

I can't wait to see what awesomeness awaits me. YEAH!

Free Kindle eBooks on Amazon - March 4, 2014

Always check price before purchase as cost may have changed.

Not all of these are erotic writings or even romance, but all involve Greek and Roman mythology in at least some way.

Immortals Children of the Gods

Once again the gods of the Norse and Greeks are going to be facing a ultimate challenge. Their demigod children must now unite and work together for the good of their parents but between now and the time of the prophecy they will have to prove themselves worthy. Forget what you know or think you know about mythology, there was time when all the gods of the earth interacted with each other and so did their children. This is the epic tale of the heroes that lived in that time.

The prophecy states that two demigods will either save Olympus and Asgard or be their destruction. The time has come. The gods have found the young demigods of the prophecy. Now they must send them on individual missions that will test their strength, their hearts, their minds, and their faith.

Kol, son of Loki, Is determined to prove to his self and the rest of the world that he is nothing like his thieving, mischievous, trouble-making father.
As he continues on his journey he must learn to develop his powers even if that means embracing some of his father’s traits. Facing sea monsters, angry gods, and a mission that seems impossible to complete, it would be much easier to follow in Loki's footsteps and choose the path his father wants him to. Will Kol be able to become the man he wants to be and fulfill the prophecy? Or will the world be plagued with another god of mayhem?

Vasos, son of Aphrodite, has spent his life training to be a Spartan warrior, dreaming of becoming a hero and hearing his name on the lips of all the gods. When the gods send him on an impossible quest he knows this is his chance to become the hero he's always wanted to be. Soon Vasos finds out becoming a hero isn't as simple as he thinks it will be, and all the training he has done could never have prepared him for the challenges he must face.

The Fallen Empire

A mysterious man with amnesia has wandered into the small town Dunham, Crete. He has claimed that he has been wandering Crete for awhile trying to regain his memories as he explains to a woman that spots him on the outskirts of town. After an earthquake happened the mysterious man has decided to stay in Dunham to aid the town on solving the mystery behind the earthquakes that have been happening to the town for months. While he is figuring out the earthquakes, with the aid of the woman who he met, he slowly uncovers a plot to not only overthrow the gods and goddesses but claim Olympus for themselves. Who is this mysterious group that is planning this? And can this man do anything to stop them?


What happens when a mortal woman falls in love with a god? Based on the myth of Cupid and Psyche, a short story about desire, deception, and the doubt that lives in dark places. Cursed by Aphrodite, Psyche never knew passion until the stranger on the mountain demanded her for his bride. Now she must decide whether she can trust the love of a man who comes to her only in darkness, or if her own human nature will inevitably lead her to betray him and destroy all chance of happiness.

*a 1,600 word short story*

Blood Debt (Touched Series, Book 1)

Her whole life, it had just been the two of them. Before her mother’s last breath, she gave Camille the information she had craved her entire life: the identity of her father. Daring to contact him, Camille was welcomed by an entire family she never knew existed. But nothing comes without a price, as she discovers when her family claims a legendary heritage tracing back to a Centaur touched by Zeus.

As she learns the secrets of her Centaur bloodline, she is drawn into a forbidden love with Drake. Her family acknowledges her life may be the blood debt required to pay for her mother’s transgressions. The same person who once held her mother captive, and forced her into decades of hiding, now controls Camille. Her only chance is to seek a piece of her mother’s past that will win her freedom and the life she desperately desire

Pinehurst: A Magical Olympian Adventure

After attending years of public school and for reasons unknown, sixteen-year-old Evelyn Hollyander AKA Evie, finds herself suddenly "dumped" at Pinehurst, a stuffy private school for the Mageia—the children of magic. Gone are the days of Geometry and Keyboarding, Evie’s schedule now consists of classes that teach defensive spells and charms against the deadly creatures of the Underworld. She discovers that her magical abilities are far more pronounced than that of her classmates, or even her teachers for that matter. She's forced into sixth period PE, boys only “boot-camp” for Slayers; and is taunted by some of the students for being the only female Slayer—ever! But life isn’t all that bad. She has a ten alarm crush on Antonio, a hunky nineteen year old Slayer who is assigned as her personal trainer. She’s ecstatic until she realizes that Antonio can also communicate with her telepathically—translation: he can hear every steamy thought she has for him. After learning that her father has been captured and is being held hostage in Hell of all places, Evie seeks help from Antonio and Havoc, a feisty pixie who Evie’s sure is evil incarnate. The three of them journey into the Underworld, battle two-headed vipers, a troll, and spiders that are big enough to suck your face off. She’s propositioned by the Lord of the Underworld himself. Proving more powerful than expected, Evie is an acquisition he must have—as well as his ticket to the Outer World. The bargain: the safety of her friends and the knowledge to save her father's life in exchange for an unthinkable price.

All excerpts and descriptions taken from Amazon site.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Updated Posting Schedule: New Posts on Fridays!

After my first three months online, I do believe I need to back-off my almost daily posting regime. So, from this point forward, I am going to post new entries on Fridays. I will still search daily for free books on Amazon and if I find a new one, two, or three, I will post those as soon as I find them so you have as much time as possible to check them out and purchase them if you want. And, if I find something really, really good, too good not to share immediately, I will post that then too. But, mainly, I'll be posting on Fridays.

P.S. Why Fridays? What better day to post news and personal revelations, usually relating to erotica, than on Venus' day (the Romans called Friday, dies Veneris, the day of Venus, goddess of love and beauty)?