Monday, February 24, 2014

Review for Claimed by Centaurs

This is my review of Claimed by Centaurs by Audrey Grace, which can be found on Amazon for $2.99.

First off, some negatives: 1) The story was very short, the mass of the book's length was made up of numerous excerpt's from Ms. Grace's other works; 2) I didn't feel the story was complete; and 3) I found the story a little quick on the sex and not much character development (the story read far more like a prologue to a larger, more comprehensive work than a stand-alone piece).

Now, the positives: 1) Extremely well-written with clear, concise language and only one typo I noted; 2) an intriguing idea; and 3) I loved her centaurs!

In the story, a newlywed virgin is honeymooning in beautiful Greece with her equally inexperienced husband. Like most, I assume, virginal couples, little passion and pleasure is being discovered from this first dip into the lake of sexual interludes. Instead, both are kind of fumbling through the actions, unsure of what exactly they should be doing or feeling. So, it isn't too much of a surprise when the woman takes her pleasure into her own hands with the plan that she must understand her own passion before she can find it with her husband. I found it weird that she managed to discover an orgasm the first time out on her own means, but alas, this is fiction.

What follows is a rather understandable misunderstanding between the newlyweds, hurt feelings, and pouting from both sides. This all culminates with the woman deciding on a hike up the nearby Mt. Pelion to watch a sunset from the peak. Along the way, she gets irrationally angry with her hotel-sent guide and sends him away. Then, as the day ends, she decides to get down to her own business in the great outdoors.

This, the scent of her in heat, attracts the attention of a local tribe of centaurs. A gangbang, though traditional and ritual, ensues. Despite the unlikely hood of a woman uncomfortable with sex with her husband deciding instead to accept, willingly, the advances of not one centaur, but a whole tribe of them, and finding multiple orgasms in the  process, I did enjoy Ms. Grace's erotic style - the best I've read in a while!

What bothered me most, though, was the ending. Ms. Grace sets up a brilliant follow-up to this interlude and I actually looked forward to how the woman would explain all of the events on the mountain to her husband, whether he would react with understanding or not, if she could find ecstasy with him to, and, how she might explain a potential pregnancy and need to return to the hotel for their first anniversary. I couldn't wait to get into it... only to find out the story was done. Huh? It was just getting good, getting interesting, getting dramatic, and it's done. That sucked!

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