Thursday, February 6, 2014

Review for Bride of the Centaur

This is a review for Bride of the Centaur by Clea Kinderton (p.s. I love her name!) that can be found on Amazon for $2.99.

So, despite my earlier feelings about animal-human sexual encounters, which have not changed much, this was a good story. The dynamic between the centaurs - "husband" and "wife" - and their tribute-brides was exceptionally well done by Ms. Kinderton. You didn't feel bad for the cheating "husband" and chief of the tribe's "wife", but still understood the tribute-bride's gut reaction and uncomfort with the whole situation.

The scene between the two centaurs was both highly arousing and sentimental. Even I got a rush from it. Ms. Kinderton took on the challenge of writing animal sex without making it seem foreign or disgusting. When, at last, the ceremony for the tribute-bride took place, the act of human-centaur intercourse was already well-established and discussed among the characters so that all the characters and the reader were accepting of the premise.

The sweet first-love scene afterwards was likewise well written. Not much different reading than that between two humans.

The story is short, much more so than I would have liked. I would love to see Ms. Kinderton write a full-length novel, perhaps on her interpretation of the Leda and the Swan rape... now, that would interesting reading, especially from this author.

This is how bestiality should be written - well done, indeed! Highly recommended.

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