Sunday, February 9, 2014

My First Reviews - nice words from a new friend

I finally got my very first reviews on my writing!

Thank you, Neville Pettitt at the for these very nice words and lovely encouragement.

On the Prologue of Eye of the Beholder:
This write of yours is literally sublime & I dare anyone of my potential reviewing successors to contradict me... 

If my attention had not been grabbed from the very beginning and maintained throughout, I would not have bothered to have made any comment at all.. I sincerely advise you to advertise yourself a bit more...
On Artemis, still a virgin:
You have certainly got some literary skill/talent.. Call it what you will. I only very occasionally read anything other than poetry or very very special novels, although I must admit exceptions are sometimes made for recommended reading .. 

I have certainly enjoyed all of yours that I have so far read & must insist that you please keep writing... 
Between these words and my ever increasing reader hits on, I think I might just keeping plugging along and writing where and what Erato leads me.

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