Saturday, January 18, 2014

Review for Taming of a Sex God

I loved this story! Not long, but very, very good...

though, really inaccurate as far as mythology goes. So inaccurate, I really shouldn't even review it here. But, I will anyways because it is that good.

This is a review for Taming of a Sex God by Virginia Nelson, sold on Amazon for $0.95.

So, why did I think this would be book I should review and read for my blog? Well, because the description mentions Aphrodite and talked about a sex god. I did kind of assume it was Eros. You know what they say about assumptions, yup, I was proven an ass. But, hey, still a good read.

The story starts with the premise that Aphrodite is running her own fantasy island where she caters to the sexual fantasies of her clients. One such client happens to be the most frigid woman in the world - who has thus far ever had an orgasm. She doesn't really want to be on the island, but was dragged here by her best friend, who is never again heard from once her character's role is complete. Anyways, we'll come back to that part. Aphrodite decides to room this woman with her "brother" (say what?) called Yes, the Greek sex god. And, that's where the story derails.

I know a lot about mythology, but I have never heard of Yes. Though, apparently, we all call out his name in the throes of passion so he still one of the best known gods around...

Despite the sex god part of the story, it does read extremely well. The characters are likable, the sex well-written, the story unique.

My only real complaint is that it is too short and the sex just kind of appears. I am not sure whether Ms. Nelson got bored or just wanted to finish the story so she could post it and begin raking in the millions. She started off beautifully, I mean awesome. Then, rushed us right to the island. No real interplay between the two friends, though that is a main basis of the plot set up so well in the beginning. In fact, there is almost no conversation between anyone but the two lovers. And, most of that isn't the best of conversation. Once on the island, again, I got hopeful Ms. Nelson was going to start writing the story, as she set up the couple with a lot of angst, issues, etc. that would have to be worked through and conquered. But, alas, I was mistaken. One quick scene on the beach, lots of hints about how long they were fighting the passion, and then they are in bed. What ever happened to the stuff in the middle?

I really wish there had been more, lots more. Ms. Nelson has talent, she needs to use it. I'm looking forward to more from this author.

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