Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Review for History Laid Bare (Non-Fiction) - A Sex & Perversity Resource

Attention all those erotic novelists out there!

You want something new to spice up your stories and sex scenes, well this book is for you. Richard Zacks has collected some of the most bizarre, creepy, and interesting sexual facts from history - ancient and modern - into one extremely titillating resource. He organizes the information as chronological as possible and gives sources for everything (which I greatly appreciate).

My favorite part was, of course, the chapter on the Greeks, Etruscans, and Romans. One section, particularly, I am going to use in an upcoming short story about Ganymede: mirrors placed all over the room, different shapes, curves, etc. to enhance the sexual vision before the dominator. My idea revolves around the snatching of Ganymede and rape of him by Zeus, in a similarly-decked out room. Considering Zeus' sexual appetite I feel this would just reinforce that side of his personality and add a bit of creative sex to an otherwise, somewhat redundant tale.

If you find all the sex filling the many erotic novels a little boring and don't want your story to go the same path, please take a moment to check this book out... $4 ($1 + $3.99 shipping) from Amazon.

Well worth it!

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